Thursday, April 01, 2010

Ethics Charge Against Board Member Griffin

Dave Schmidt has left a new comment on your post "Putting the Screws to Free Speech":

Mrs. Decesare: Thank you for your kind words. Yes, April Griffin did indeed seek revenge for my blog and she indeed had me "thugged."

While you and I go about business differently in our blogs, we both have First Amendment rights which our politicians must accept. April did not and I paid a price.

But, this matter is still unresolved and Ms. Griffin must campaign for another term this spring and summer. She has five other candidates to face and I believe she can and will be defeated. Her vengeance against me is the tip of the iceberg.

Next week, I will file a Florida Ethics Commission complaint against her in another matter. Certainly, I will post that information on my blog at

Again, thank you for your interest and support.

Dave Schmidt

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Posted by Dave Schmidt to Lee Drury De Cesare's Casting-Room Couch at 2

Mr. Schmidt: Don't ever forget that this punishment you got is about free speech. The administration and board lay in wait to trap Steve Kemp with a bogus charge because he had a blog.

They can't stand anybody's telling the truth about how vile is their behavior in running the schools. They don't want to have the information get out unexpurgated by the Community Affairs office and are scared to death of blogs because bloggers may let the cat out of the bag. That's my goal:to let the cat out of the bag and let the public know that crooks are running the schools.

I hope you do file an ethics charge against April. She ran on a platform of cleaning up the schools and within weeks of her election she was one of the ROSSAC gang: she did a complete roll-over capitulation. She lacks courage and civic spirit. I pray one of her challengers beats her. I don't think anyone could be worse than April.

Don't forget my offer to leaflet. I have spent some of the best times of my life on the picket line.

Fight on, and let me know what I can do. I learned my tactics in the Women's Movement. We were up against a behemoth of prejudice and learned to use sharp elbows with the best of them.

Don't make the mistake of thinking the administration, April, and other board members will use ethical maneuvers. It's gutter from start to finish with them. lee

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