Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Persistence Is the Key

Linda, does the special ed administration require parents to sign a release for the child to wear a restraint? And is there a place where they can ratify when the child should wear a restraint and when it should not?

This is my 4th reminder for public information that describes Ms. Smith's job duties and the date on which they were submitted.

lee de cesare

Answer to response from Cobbe:

So does this mean parents have to sign the final restraint plan for their child?

And does your description of Smith's job duties mean they are the same as an elementary school principal? If so, please send me a copy of the job description of an elementary-school principal that constitutes duties that comprise Smith's job. And am I correct that Mr. Valdez is the official from whom you await a reply to this question of job description and when it entered the official record? New question: Was the job description formulated before or after Ms. Smith assumed her book-depository job? And find out, please, how many other employees in the book depository get a principal's salary and perquisites. Thank you. ldd

From: Linda Cobbe [mailto:lcobbe@sdhc.us]
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Student restraints would only be used if that is part of the individual educational plan for an ESE student, and it would be spelled out in the IEP under what circumstances they could be used. Those plans are developed with a team of specialists and the parents, so no child would be restrained without the parent's permission.

I am waiting for a job description for the principal on special assignment at the book depository. Basically, she manages the book warehouse and she's still at the elementary principal level.

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Vox Populi said...

OMG ! Is she allegedly at that book depository in West Tampa?? LOL !!!! She probably doesn't even report IN .... whatever .... and no way her duties could be the same. There are no chirrun at the book depository ....

Anonymous said...

It is still a humiliation. Even though it is probably a lower stress job and the same pay for her, I bet it is considered a humiliation.

But then 90% of the ROSSAC people are screw ups. They messed up and got moved up. They are all like criminals, thieves, unprofessional people who would have been fired years ago if they worked in the real world.

All the teachers laugh about this. Getting a job at ROSSAC means you did a lousy job. Ironic, isn't it?