Saturday, January 09, 2010

Getting Public Information Is a Process

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From: lee de cesare []
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Linda, the cost of researching the total for Tom Gonzalez's firm's defense of the pay-off for the Erwin case will be about $63, right? If so, go ahead. I am good for that. Be sure to include all the names of the attorneys involved in the defense of the case.

Surely I don't have to pay for an accounting of the six years' that Gonzalez's salary totals. . I am a poor retired teacher on a pension. The schools should cut some slack for retired teachers.

I want to see that formula y'all use for such requests as my request for the trial total. I also would like to have as public information any salary surveys for board attorneys that Mr. Gonzalez has conducted during the time of the Gonzalez hegemony. If the Personnel Director is worth his bloated salary, he will have conducted these surveys just in case the superintendent or board members were alert enough to ask for them. I learned of the personnel director's duties when my old man did that job for a while for an international corporation to feed and clothe our four children.

I am considering doing a booklet on how to search for information from public institutions in Florida and selling it on the Web for $1.99. People need the benefit of a veteran in this field comme moi, and the Public Affairs Office of the Hillsborough County Schools will get its space big-time.

The first time I asked for public information Marc Hart was at the head job in your area. He was surprised, indignant, and snotty. I don't think many people ask for public information, alas. If they did, you would need assistants or maybe even a separate office with you as head. You could say you owe your elevation all to me. That would make you a popular and admired administrator among the ROSSAC indigenous tribe.

Mark Hart is now a friend. I heard from him recently. I am rooting for him to get a job that helps him assist his former wife to support his two children. The local employment community blackballed him, of course.

I have learned that Pole Girl Falliero was not the actuating but a contributing cause of his divorce. Her affair caused her own divorce, however; and she was stupid enough to waive child support for her two girls for the pledge of his not revealing the cause of the divorce.

Anybody that dumb and that careless of her children's wellbeing should not serve on the school board; we need better brains there than such behavior signals.

I changed the data about Falliero's lesser responsibility for the Hart divorce on my Web site. I don't think it will make people like her any better, however. And she retains her earned title of Pole Girl.




Anonymous said...

Doesn't Tom Gonzalez also represent USF with their employee legal opinions?

Anonymous said...

If he does, the employees at USF are totally screwed also. What kind of lawyer wants to screw thousands of employees? What kind of person is he?

twinkobie said...

To the person who wrote about copying: I am paying for the research to caluclate Tom Gonzalez's payoff for losing the Whistle Blower case and for the total of his six years of salary. lee