Sunday, November 08, 2009

Governor Crist Checks In

The Council of Trent Convenes to Decide if Governor Crist is gay, bisexual, or polymorphous perverse.

Gentlepeople: I got Governor Crist's attention when he ran for governor.

When he came to Tampa Tiger Bay during the campaign, I got my two daughters, Andrea and Margie, to attend Governor Crist's appearance at Tiger Bay so that they could see how a person, their mother, could question authority. After I die, they will do the same is this mother's prayer.

They won't do it while I am alive because children make a particular effort not to let parents know how much they influence them when the parent is still alive. The rascals are mean spirited in this behavior, but that does not prevent us parents' loving the little shits.

This mother hopes her children will question authority when I am no longer alive to do so. Somebody has do, or democracy goes down the tube.

I got the following message from Governor Crist on flossy governor rag-content uptown paper typed as an original, not as a post from hundreds of printer run-offs.

I get this special treatment because I asked him at a Tiger Bay luncheon when he was running for governor at which he appeared if he were gay.

I thought it a fair question not because I don't think gays should be full citizens and governors but because the Republican Party, of which Mr. Crist is member, tried to demonize gays in that particular election to get the bigot vote.

Mr. Crist, whose mother was at the event I later learned, denied that he was gay. A mother will stand by her child no matter what.

Today I would ask a more sophisticated question after I read a long SPT article that catalogued a woman's accusation of Crist's fathering her child and then hightailing it. My question would be today: "Are you bisexual? and do you take responsibility for any children you beget?"

Be ever aware that the evasions of political jerks rely greatly on the perversion of language. Watch out they how skew the meaning of "a" and "the."

I eventually got kicked out of Tiger Bay for asking this question. The Tiger Bay board, on which former judge Don Castor sat along with his second wife Mickey, acquired after Betty ran around on him in Tallahassee, is a local Lady MacBeth.

I think Congressperson Cathy Castor is a much better human being than either of her parents. She said she would not vote for a House health-care bill that did not contain a public option.

I have the satisfaction of recalling a delicious incident when Crist came to Indian Rocks Beach to push his governor candidacy. I attended his IRB event, and he actually ran when he saw me moving toward him.

I know why. Reporters from all over Florida had called me for interviews about my question on his being gay. This incident means that Crist sees me as a person who can do him harm in the media. That is why he has a staff member write me on rag-content flossy paper.

That's power. Rag-content paper suggests power. Power is what we need to get if we are going to make things better for teachers in the Hillsborough County School System run by thugs. lee

www.f1gov.cOI11 850-488-4441
850-487 -0801 fax

Lee Drury De Cesare Number 802

15316 Gulf Boulevard
Madeira Beach, Florida 33708

Thank you for Contacting my office and sharing your concerns about the protection of children in Florida Schools and your request for contact information for the Secretary of the Florida Department of Children and Families. I appreciate the opportunity to respond.

The safety of Florida's public school students is of the utmost importance. The Department of Education is committed to working closely with local school districts to ensure that Florida public schools and classrooms are safe and healthy environments for our children. Students are not only protected by their teachers, school staff, principals, and resource officers, but also by district personnel, state officials and law enforcement officers. If you suspect that a child has been harmed or is threatened with harm by a licensed teacher, contact the Florida Department of Children & Families (DCF) toll-free at 1-800-96-ABUSE. Further information about reporting abuse may be found on the DCF Web site at You may also contact your local school district because each district has its own process for handling allegations of teacher misconduct.

To assist you with your concerns, I forwarded a copy of your correspondence to the Florida Department of Education, Office of Professional Practices. As you requested, I also shared your correspondence with Secretary George Sheldon of the Florida Department of Children and Families. if you wish to contact these offices directly, please use the information provided below.

Our government is structured on the principle that local communities can best assess the needs of their residents. Voters elect their county officials to manage local government business. I understand you shared your concerns with your locally elected school board officials. That was the appropriate thing to do.

Under Florida law, violations of the conflict of interest laws fall within the jurisdiction of the Florida Commission on Ethics. If you wish to file a complaint with the commission, you can obtain a complaint form on the commission's Web site at For further assistance, you may wish to contact the commission by calling (850) 488-7864, or by writing to Post Office Drawer 15709, Tallahassee, Florida 32317-5709.


Vox Populi said...

But, essentially, he just plunked you back down at square oen. An endless circle that we run on like hamsters with NO ONE HOLDING THE BAG.
love, vox.
I would have given my HAIR to have been at that Tiger Bay club meeting.
Only to hear a pin drop and watch you mold your children.

Anonymous said...

Those who dare win.

Vox Populi said...

I agree wholeheartedly. When I make the comments such as that it's not meant to be disillusioned but to let the HIGH HOGS IN CHARGE let them know that way more than one of us is on to them and their circular teflon naysaying of problems.
Cause charlie reads these blogs. They ALL DO.

Anonymous said...

what i know about ethics complaints. they inform the person you complain about and then the whole thing lies fallow as it is investigated. Seems as though one should file complaint after complaint after complaint .... there are numerous complaints on file about mark ober but not a word of publicity or light of day is seen 'while they are being investigated'. Now, my thinking on that is they could 'investigate' forever. I know you know all of this already.
HOWEVER, it doesn't keep the person who FILED the ethics complaint from publicizing it as you wisely do.
I think they wait awhile and quietly clear most anyone ...

twinkobie said...

Isn't Mark Ober the former state's attorney? What did he do?

My feeling is that you just keep nagging these people with every once in a while sending a message saying, "What is the status of my complaint." I send both the the national and the local offices. I know this works. It's how I won the EEOC case for a woman who wanted to be a police officer. She was the police department's first graduate. It's also how I forced Sheriff Malcom Beard to open deputy jobs to women. He was outraged. Too bad. lee

twinkobie said...

PS: To do this work, you have to believe. You have to believe that if you keep plugging, you will get results--not all the time, but some of the time. And you know that you are making the thugs anxious. lee

Anonymous said...

Oh NO, he's STILL the state's attorney. Just got re-elected after quietly moving up the qualifying date so that any competition would miss it. He and Sheriff Gee both did this. (moved up the qualifying date) they try to pretend it was just one of those things. Just plug in his name and read. Selective prosecution, covering up murder charges ... failing to prosecute jason kuhn (both republicans, you know) the list is nearly endless. This is why it's so difficult for a citizen to get redress in civil or criminal matters in hillsborough county. The public defenders are in bed with the state's attorney who are in bed with the corrupt cops and sheriffs who are walking hand in hand with the judges. WHO ever heard of a SHERIFF ENDORSING a JUDGE? They pass peoples' lives around like candy. One tied to the other with no end in sight and their children at UF becoming faux journalists and more attorneys so they can continue the coverups and shams and selective prosecution. And, yes, that's what's wrong with the tampa tribune. It's being done on purpose so then we'll have nothing but revisionist history of news immediately revised online.