Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another Missed Opportunity

I have sent the below post to the board and administration. They need to read what the big picture is. They will never learn about it by sitting in ROSSAC plotting their next raise. The board will ignore it until elections roll around. Then they will bray from the hustings how they have fought this battle against bullying tooth and nail.

A teacher for the mother of one of the boys whom the Toecracker used to appease his fetishism called me about three months before the story broke and asked me what to do. Like a dummy, I told him to take it to the Commissioner of Education. Now I knew better than that. The Commissioner of Education, Smith, came out of 30 years in the administration bureaucracy. He just sits on his dumb ass when you hand him a problem unless you bump it up to Governor Crist. That will do no good now because Crist is fighting for survival in the primaries with a Republican upstart who is more conservative than Crist, and for Republicans now, the more conservative the better.

I should have told the teacher, give me the mother's phone number. Then I should have called the poor soul and said, "Listen, fellow mother, go with me to the next school board meeting and lay out your problem to the board. Let's put those rascals on the spot and see what they can or will do."

Life is a series of wrong moves I sometimes think.

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Lee, I will happy to step forward as a witness to the selective bullying of children. With the full cooperation of ADMIN, School Principles in some cases (probably MOST now that maryEllen elia has done her dirty work replacing them all) and teachers and parents and also nurses in school. They transfer the bully from school to school so that the bully can work on younger, smaller children. Then the bully transfers right back out. This would require the covert bullying of teachers and some administrators and others on staff. The teachers participate in or turn a blind eye to the bullying of children. And then you have the steve kemps throughout the system whom maryEllen attempts to frame and rid herself of. Because like ANY ETHICAL PERSON he would tell what he saw in logical order.
I will step forward at any time. I read your blog almost every day, when it's time to step forward as a witness I will. You have my word

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