Monday, August 10, 2009

Rally Round the Flag; Lock and Load


Chairperson Kurdell:

I have signed up for the 8/11 meeting to comment on two items in the agenda listed for citizen comment besides the general citizen comment at the end.

You have evolved a suppression of my right to free speech by first filibustering to drown out my comments on the board's unfair hiring practices when I was at the mike--the hiring, for example, of Linda Kipley's husband to an accounting position for which he had no experience and only a high school degree compared to three candidates who had bachelor's accounting degrees and experience.

You then amped up your resistance to my free speech by interrupting me constantly about whether my comments were confined to the subject.

Finally, you and Steve Hegarty, Community Affairs, teamed up for Steve to confiscate my sign-ups to speak and for this sycophantic twerp to come tell me in the audience that "they" had decided that I didn't know what I was talking about" and "made no sense."

Where in the Constitution does it say a citizen must "make sense" when she approaches elected officials for redress of grievances?

This attack on me is a version of your attack on Mr. Erwin by spreading the rumor he was crazy when he tried to get Dr. Lennard and the board to do something about the crime on campus. In my case, you imply I am in throes of Alzheimer's because I am old. In the Erwin case, the group of administrators and board members who were profiting from the crooked doings labeled Mr. Erwin crazy because they didn't want the payoffs to them to stop. In my case you want to continue your crooked hiring to secure power within the crooked system you and others have crafted over the years.

If you pull any deals with that forlorn twerp Hegarty as your message boy at the 8/11 board meeting to suppress my free-speech rights, I will summon the help of the ACLU, the Attorney General, and the Governor to begin with. Then I move up, into, and across the highways and byways of the school authority apparatus to make your un-American activities widely known.

I would be a bad citizen if I did not oppose a school board bent on retaining its years of unquestioned corruption of power if I allowed you to trash the First Amendment to keep a citizen from criticizing your thuggish leadership. I will resist your attack on American democracy as a good citizen should. We can't keep democracy as our form of government if we let corrupt small-bore pols lurking on school boards destroy it without our protests. I will fight for our way of life.

Lee Drury De Cesare

15216 Gulf Boulevard 802

Madeira Beach, FL 333708

c: ACLU, Tampa


Anonymous said...

Give'm Hell, Lee!!

It appears that Kurdell and Olson are pro-toe touching with boys behind closed doors. Faliero is not.

The silence of the rest speakes volumes. I wonder how they'd feel walking in on that taking place to THEIR child. Especially if their son is the poor chld that was programmed to volunteer his foot weekly. But alas, "no further action".

It is frightening that this would be covered up. Not even a letter of reprimand. Then they try to defend the indefensible.

A disposable teacher would have been summarily kicked to the curb asap.

All animals are equal, some are just more equal than others. Orwell.

Looking forward to the show.

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Vox Populi said...

LEE DO NEVER back down to these people. They just can't stand it that they can call people crazy all they want. They fight dirty. Ridin dirty since maryEllen got here and before. (as you know).
THEN what happens is time passes and they eventually sort the batshit crazy ones OUT and they go to prison ... straight from the dais of the board right into prison. Why, just today they finally convicted a nazi germany officer from HOW LONG AGO?
I'll tell you what is CRAZY. Crazy is selecting the last crook from hcso I mean hc schools to be SOE.
That was some batshit crazy.

Anonymous said...

They are all criminals! To be on the school board is to declare yourself a criminal. You have it 100% right. They say, "Student safety! Student safety!" all the time. But they don't practice what they preach.