Friday, August 28, 2009

Pole Girl Has an Opponent! Thank You, All Cheribs and Seraphs (Oddly Enough, the Singular of these is "Cherabim" and "Seraphim": Go Figure

Minions of the Light, There is good in the universe. I know there is because
La Gaceta just announced in this week's "As We Heard It" that Dr. Stacy White, a Winn Dixie pharmacist, is running against Jennifer Falliero for the board.

That's celestial harpist music you hear now playing a
hallelujah chorus of thanks to the Forces of the Light. We Minions of the Light are members of good standing in this righteous group and wear our white robes and halos on all official occasions called by the Good Guys and Gals of the Heavenly Host and Hostesses.

Dr. White lives in
Valrico with his wife and three young children. Valrico is not Turkey Creek, but it's not New York City either. So Dr. White is likely to be conservative. No problem. I talk conservative fluently. I am from Georgia, which is right wing from state line to state line. I'll just treat Dr. White as if he were one of my Burnt Fort, Georgia, clan.

I am going to provide the pharmacist with ammunition to defeat La Jennifer. I'll start with the part of the divorce deposition which confirms that she had an affair with Marc Hart that broke up his marriage and made his two little children suffer: the little boy's grades fell; the ongoing medical condition of the little girl exacerbated.

Falliero initiated the affair by hanging out in Hart's office ostensibly for "mentoring." That word must have a definition that I was not aware of. She followed Hart out to New Mexico after Valdez fired him on a cooked-up charge of habitual drunkenness to stop the affair after Ms. Elia became superintendent. Falliero had ignored Lennard's order to leave Marc alone. Falliera, after she returned from the visit to Marc where he had gone out West after the divorce to look for work, dumped him. I suspect she discovered another admirer. I think that's why Marc called me up and asked to come out to the beach and show me the deposition.

La Jennifer was made board chair, of course, by all the adultery enablers on the board and wielded the gavel as if she were Thor. She and the Joly Green Giant head of Security plotted to kick me out of the board room for my using a name in my presentation (!) for fear that I would reveal her adultery. After I got the deposition, I was free to write about it and did on numerous occasions. Truth is its own defense.

Any woman who will lead a father--
dumbass though he be--to divorce his wife and leave his two young children brokenhearted and damaged cares nothing about children and should not sit on a school board. Unless Dr. White is Beelzebub's First Cousin, he would be an improvement over the Pole Girl.

Pole Girl was my name for
Falliero after this tale unfolded. Tom Gallagher berated me for calling her Pole Girl. That just floored me, as you can well guess.

The icing on the cake is that Jennifer Falliero claims to be born again and hence tried to force high schools to send parents notification if a youngster belonged to the gay-lesbian club in the school. This, of course, ensures that some bigoted parents kick gay children out into the street to fend for themselves.
I was proud to attend the board meeting that opposed this cruel measure sponsored by the Virgin Falliero. The ACLU checked in; USF checked in; some wonderful high school students stood up and opposed the measure, assuring me that the country would have good leaders when they hit the political circuit. The Virgin Falliero's effort was defeated. Whoopee for tolerance.

Falliero is on my bad list for eternity.

I will publish the data when I get Dr. White's address and phone number from the Supervisor of Elections. The SOE lists the salary of board members as over $40,000, which exceeds the salary of beginning teachers by about $7,000.

I have
misplaced that old Pole Girl clip art and must resort to another floozy clip specimen. lee


John__D said...

I'll figure.

One cherub.
Two cherubim or two cherubs.

One seraph.
Two seraphim or seraphs.

So the plural is "cherubim", and neither the singular nor the plural is "cherabim" (sic).

Cherib, cherab - Honestly, are you illiterate or something?

Vox Populi said...

john d, I feel it my duty to remind you that you are to STFU.
Are you anal? What is that phase that people go through? ah yes... anal-retentive.
freud would have a field day with you, boy.
I don't think that lee is illiterate so she must be SOMETHING.
Yes she is.
Something YOU will never be.

John__D said...

Vox, I am not to shut the fuck up. You can feel it is your duty all you like. It's not. Remember free speech?

You don't think Lee is illiterate so she must be something? That's illogical , I'm afraid.

Would Freud have field day knowing that Lee deems people illiterate because they make the your/you're typo? (You've backed her in on this assertion too, if my memory is correct.) He'd have a field day with both of you anal-retentive complainers.