Thursday, August 27, 2009

Drip, Drip, Drip

Thank you. Could I have a copy of the redacted child-abuse report from the Sheriff's office on the Toe-cracker case that Ms. Cobbe added to the file?

Did Mr. Gonzalez ask her to add the redaction, or did she do it on her own initiative?

You said the secretary's notes on the section in which Gonzalez summarized a number of things in which he was involved at the August 11th meeting. May I have that excerpt now? ldd

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Ms. DeCesare, the board travel guidelines were approved at the Aug. 19, 2008, board meeting and are available by going to the agenda online. I believe it was item 8.02. I haven't received the attorney information yet.

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Anonymous said...

lee, did you notice how they quoted gonzalez in the kevin white debacle and disgustingness? AS IF that gives him some cachet ... to be quoted in the same breath as a sexual harasser of young women ...