Friday, July 24, 2009

Toe Sucking and Popping at the Administrative Loony Bin

Mr. Heggarty, you pooh-poohed its significance to the press despite foot fetishism's long history in the annals of psychiatry about which professional educators should know.

Your response to the press illustrated either your ignorance of an area in which you should be knowledgeable or your far-gone complicity in the administration's and the board's tolerating administrative pathological behavior involving students.

Had this been a teacher playing with students' toes, the board would have fired him or her on the spot.

Did the school board have a psychological examination of foot-fetishist Olayinka before issuing its public stance of "his actions are harmless"? Evidently not.

A teacher called me about this problem about two months ago. A parent had complained to him about Olayinka's odd fetish. I told him to take it to Secretary of Education Smith because the local school board has a default policy of never punishing administrative employee, no matter how vile the offense. Board members automatically collude in this cover-up of an administrative person's bizarre derelictions or any other dereliction to the detriment of the students who are victims of such a weird administrative obsessions as foot fetishism.

The board does not protect students by pretending its members do not know what is going on. Its members come off as stupid and indifferent to administrative misbehavior.

c: all board members
Superintendent Elia

  • 007-06-08.
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