Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just the Facts, Ma'am


Ms. Kurdell: I would like copies of board protocol in the matter of banning or allowing citizens to comment on agenda items. In fact, I would like a copy of all protocols that govern the board's treatment of citizens' First Amendment rights and their ability to approach elected officials in a public forum for redress of grievances.

I was kicked out of the board room by Jennifer Faliero when she was board chair ostensibly because I used a name. The real reason was that Faliero was afraid I was going to reveal her adultery with the then head of Community Relations, Marc Hart, and had cooked up an eviction of me with the head of the campus police, that big Green Giant guy, who threatened to have the police come and arrest me in the lobby if I didn't leave the taxpayers' premises.

Now you and Steve Hegarty and perhaps others of the board and administration have apparently plotted to prevent my signing up for comment on agenda items because as Mr. Hegarty says, "they" think I am "confused" and don't know what I am talking about. Pray tell me if a licesensed physician especially a psychiatrist has made this judgment and provide his or her name and also whether any of the people responsible for banning me from commenting on public issues marked with citizen-comment privilege on the Web-site agenda are licensed physicians, or are you and they practicing medicine without a license?

And has the level of the board's public civility to citizens who wish to comment on issues of government decisions by the board descended to trying to denigrate a citizen who is elderly such as I with slurs of mental incompetence to deprive of her right to her First Amendment rights to free speech? And how would you, Mr. Hegarty, and in others in on this vile procedure to deprive a citizen of free speech answer the above questions in a court of law when under oath?

Lee Drury De Cesare

15316 Gulf Boulevard

Madeira Beach, FL 33708



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Anonymous said...

Kurdell will not comply with public info laws either. They all do as they please and could care less what laws they break. They are used to getting away with anything, and they are shocked that finally someone like you has started exposing them. Unfortunately, no one in Hillsborough seems to care, because the majority of people in this area of Florida are dumber than dirt.

Vox Populi said...

lee this is actually VERY common behavior. In every sense of the word 'common'. LOL.

Imagine how long it has taken their very tiny lil brains to cook THIS ONE up. Maybe they heard sarah palin breathing it before she resigned to spend more time picking her ... something.

It doesn't matter anyway if you ARE batshit crazy. You're still a citizen with every right to speak up.

So ... lalalalalalallala

But, of course those TWITS would come up with this. They can't hope to match your mental acuity with any of their own .... so they stoop to much lower levels.

If you wanted to get up there and read the phone book or an article from Cosmo or Bob Allen's arrest report, that's really up to you.

I will love to see the protocol when you are provided with a copy.

DO these people forget that they are OUR employees?

Despite the fact of their side income in extortion and other means?