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The Riots Go on in Iran; the Teachers Get Punished by the School Board

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As I was watching the news it occurred to me that the Iranian government reminds me of the school board in Hillsborough County. No matter how the masses of people protest, the government sets its course on being unethical and circumventing democracy.

This icy indifference to the will of citizens is similar to that anyone who appears before the School Board feels. Board members look at you as if you had just dropped in from the planet Krypton and spoke in a foreign tongue.

This indifference and hostility to public opinion is how the school board is. No matter how much criticism it gets, it continues to stay the course and keep doing things behind the scenes, never letting any discussion go on in front of voters on the podium.

The school board members hold Star Chamber meetings where they all talk about issues and decide them, totally ignoring the Government in the Sunshine laws.lee

I agree with this reader below. I stay up until past midnight to read the NYT assessment of the Iranian situation and how those poor people are making out.

The newspapers have videos sent by Twitter (or Tweeter) from the Iranian citizens because the Iranian government thugs have shut down newspapers and kicked journalists out of the country and told the few that remain not to come out into the streets.. The scenes are heart rendering that the citizens send on Tweeter..

Shutting down all the media, newspapers, and blogs would be just ducky for the administration and the board. Ms. Elia is Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, supreme leader. Ms. Kurdell is Mahmoud Ahmadinjad, crazed president elected by distorting the vote count. The board is the Revolutionary Guard that decides whether elections are legitimate. Tom Gonzales is the riot police with sticks and guns--called the Basij. These ride motorcycles. I was pleased to read that three fell of their motorcycles, and the students set fire to the bikes.

The power structure seems to have a particular hatred of university students. They have killed seven already. They threw some out of windows. I think the power thugs hate the students because they are enlightened and know how democracy works and want it for their country.

The editorial comment passim says Ahmadinjad is the darling of the peasants and the ignorant, poor dumb things.
It's the same in the United States in many places.

The above reader comments on the board's lack of ethics. I don't think board members know what ethics is. I doubt they can spell or define the word. I think they believe that telling unpleasant truths in what they consider prettified political language is ethics.

I think the Elia administration would perform acts of violence if its thugs thought they could get away with it. I often get the sense when I am at the podium haranguing the the ROSSAC gods that they would like to kill me. Ms. Olson hates me with a particular venom.

I can't figure out why but suspect it's because I lived in Beach Park for twenty years before moving to our beach condo for retirement. She can't impress me with the fact that she lives in and represents on the board South Tampa's la-de-da neighborhood because I lived there too and saw that the people were like people were everywhere. They were not aristocrats. After talking to them, I guessed that a good many were only two or three generations away from dirt farming. lee

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Newsweek certainly does need to do a story on the school board and how it thumbs its nose at democracy and how unethical some of the individual board members are.

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