Friday, June 19, 2009

Bart and Tim's dog, Hannah, named for the last hurricaine

Ms. Cobbe: Dr. James Hamilton retired last year. At the time of his retirement, Ms. Elia created a transition job for him with a fancy title and a $140,000 pay rate. A clerk told me his name was on the job before it even went on the books.

I would like this public information about this job:

1, the job description;

2. its salary;

3. the ads placed and in what venues for this job and how long they ran; if there were no ads, please say "none." If they were, cite those and give me the applications of the people who applied for the job in competition with Dr. Hamilton;

4. the length of time Dr. Hamilton held this ad hoc bridge job and what total salary the state paid him for his incumbency in the job;

5. whether Ms. Elia did away with this job when Dr. Hamilton quit to retire and any reasons she cited for abolishing the position;

6. the date that Ms. Elia via the board created the current lobbyist job that she awarded to Dr. Hamilton. The job description of this job;

7. the ads and their venues for this lobbyist job that Dr. Hamilton now holds if any and how long the ads ran if the job were advertised; if there was no advertising for the job, say "none";

8, a copy of any applicants' applications for the lobbying job if it were advertised;

9. the salary for the lobbying job when it was awarded to Dr. Hamilton;

10. whether the rumor is true that Dr. Hamilton has received a boost in the salary for this job to $96,000.

11. notes of discussion that the board held off the board podium in conference with the administration about the creation of both the Hamilton bridge job and also his current lobbying job and the salaries each job garnered initially for Dr. Hamilton;

12. whether the board attorney reviewed these hires of Dr. Hamilton and approved of them; any notes the board attorney made on his decisions relating to these hires;

13. the attorney general cites 48 hours for a citizen to receive requested public information. Since you are on summer schedule, let the information requested have twice that amount of hours on working days for you to send me these data.

Thank you.

lee drury de cesare
15316 Gulf Boulevard 802
Madeira Beach, FL 33708

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Anonymous said...

As I was watching the news it occurred to me that the Iranian government reminds me of the school board in Hillsborough. No matter how the masses of people protest, the government stays its course on being unethical and circumventing democracy.

This is how the school board is. No matter how much criticism it gets, it continues to stay the course and keep doing things behind the scenes. I wouldn't be surprised if the school board members hold secret meetings where they all talk about issues totally ignoring the Government in the Sunshine laws. No one would put it past them, since they seem to all be so unethical.