Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Letter to the Dumbest People in the Hillsborough High Class of '51

Hillsborough High School

Alumni Association
Class of '51
5000 North Central Avenue
Tampa, FL 33603-2299

Alumni Gentlepeople:

Please consider this a formal nomination of the late Barbara Ward for a posthumous place in the Hall of Fame.

While Barbara was alive, the Ward twins, I understand, could not become Hall of Fame members because they were on the board.

That was a questionable decision that I don't see much sense in.

I hope that Barbara's being deceased will not be an impediment to her becoming a Hall-of- Fame entrant. All kinds of awards are bestowed posthumously including the Medal of Honor. Nobody will argue, I wager, that the Hillsborough High Hall of Fame is more exalted than the Medal of Honor.

Barbara along with Bobbie did incredible amounts of work for the Alumni Association. I don't have to cite these. You know them.

Now don't somebody far gone in dopiness say that this nomination is unsuitable because it has never been done before. That argument could have kept us in caves picking fleas off each other perpetually after our evolving in the four and a half billion years of the earth's existence, during which humans started out as one-celled blobs of pond scum, graduated to rat-sized mammals in the Cretaceous period when the dinosaurs reigned and were wiped out, hooked up with orangutans for a spell, split off from the orangutans five million years ago to become hominids, and now sit as members of the board of the Hillsborough High School Alumni Association, the peak of civilization as everyone knows.

I suggest that the Alumni Association agree to waive an ill-conceived rule and nominate both twins-- one live twin and one dead-- jointly to be enrolled in the Hall of Fame. That will be most suitable. Bobbie will be buried beside Barbara when Bobbie dies. Bobbie can accept the award for both her twin sister and herself.

Pray consider this serious proposal from a member of the Hall of Fame, one of the Gold Terriers or whatever it's called who has donated a thousand dollars to the Alumni Association.


Lee Drury De Cesare Class of '51

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Vox Populi said...

lee ... you just make me smile.
Is this the bobbie ward who could not get the scum rat sheriff or tpd to arrest her rapist???
Lee, move to hc again and become the SOE.
IF you don't I will