Thursday, June 25, 2009

Get Your Copy of the Kemp "Child-abuse" File by Petitioning Ms. Linda Cobbe for Public Information

Linda, may I have an update on my request for a copy of Steve Kemp's investigation file from Professional Standards?

The page you sent me entitled "Employee Misconduct Complaints" says this in the last paragraph:

"Once the case has closed, a copy of the case can be requested." There are no restrictions on who can request the case copy.

I again ask for a copy of the case from the Professional Standards Office because the case has been closed with Mr. Kemp's reinstatement as Tom Gonzalez revealed at a board meeting at which I brought up the case.
Since you are in charge of getting such public-information data to us in the public, please see that Ms. Kipley responds to this request with a copy of the file.

I shall put this email on my blog so that other people can request a copy of the case file.


PS: Minions of the Light, for more fun, petition the beauteous La Linda Kipley for the file. That will rattle her.

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