Sunday, December 28, 2008

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The time has come for someone to finally stand up for HCPS

Well, Lee, here it is! I finally made a blog! Don't get too excited, though; you may have a heart attack. I call my blog "The Abyss" because it's a place of endless possibilities and discussions. There is no end. You won't see me blocking a reader's comment just because I disagree with them. Here, anything goes.

About Lee Drury De Cesare: In short, she's a 100-something year old woman who is a staunch Democrat (Note: That statement does not imply that my political affiliation is on the contrary. Actually, I have no political affiliation). She taught English at HCC for 58 years and derives pleasure from correcting other people's grammar (Okay, I'm lying. She's only 70-something and taught at HCC for 28 years. But don't worry because, according to Lee, you can lie and then label it as "satire" when somebody calls you out on it). Now she spends the end of her almost-gone life fighting an endless battle against the Hillsborough County School District, particularly against the school board and the administration. I really don't know what interest she has in the district per the fact that she has never worked for it.

To kick off my blog, here are some grudges I have against Ms. De Cesare.

1) She's obsessed with criticizing people's grammar, yet she makes numerous grammatical errors, despite her teaching English at a community college for 28 years (which she boasts about). She claims that when the students came in on the first day, they didn't know a lick about English. I bet that, though, that after she was done with them, they knew less at the end of the semester than when they came in the door the first day.

2) She's a hypocrite. For instance, she only criticizes the grammar of those who oppose her. She claims teachers are the intelligent ones and that the administrators are dumb, yet, considering most of the people who post on her blog are teachers, most of her commenters make grammatical mistakes. She refuses to correct them, however, because they are on her side. When she realizes one of her opponents is right, she doesn't respond directly to their argument, and instead, criticizes their grammar.

3) She criticizes people for not having Ph.D.'s, yet, despite her intellectual arrogance, only has a Master's. That's why she could only teach at a measly community college and not at a real university as an actual professor.

4) She's a staunch supporter of the First Amendment, and always boasts about free speech, yet she refuses to post comments on her blog from people who oppose her after she gets the tired of them. For example, I began commenting on her blog, and she posted my comments on the main page (which I did not ask to be done). After a while, when she realized that she couldn't counterargue my arguments, she told me that she would no longer post my comments on the front page, but that she would continue to allow them in the readers' comments section. I said that was fine and that I never asked to become a star. Depsite her promise, however, she now refuses to allow my comments in the readers' comments section. She criticizes the school district for censoring free speech, yet she does the exact same thing on her blog. Lee is probably one of the biggest hypocrites you will ever meet. She will never beat her opponents with such a flawed game plan.

NOTE: You may find me criticizing Lee's grammar from time to time, and I know that my grammar is not perfect. You might argue that I'm doing the same thing I'm accusing her of, but the difference is that I know my grammar is not perfect, I'll only correct her grammar, and if I did correct people's grammar on a regular basis, I wouldn't pick and choose which one's I would slam and which one's I would give a free pass . Lee refuses to admit her mistakes (or the mistakes of her pets), but brings down the hammer on those who oppose her. I'm simply giving her a taste of her own medicine and making people realize that she is not so English-savvy as everyone might think. Again, the main purpose of this blog is not to criticize her grammar (that's Antigrammargrinch's job), but to call Lee out on her flawed arguments and false criticisms of the school district.

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Ziggy said...

So, Lee, what do you think now that you have two major opponents on the playing field? You must be nieve to think that you can do what you're doing without at least a of couple enemies.