Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Let's Cast a Wider Net

The first baby in the women's movement in Tampa is now a tall and beautiful doctor.

copy to all board members and the administration:

Mr. Valdez: I neglected to ask in my list of questions to you why six days elapsed between the date of the incident of alleged child abuse by teacher Kemp, June 26, and the reporting of it, July 2.

I want to have unimpeachable data from an administration official so that the letter I write to the head of the Florida Board of Education will be as accurate as I can make it. I intend to maintain that this mistreatment of Mr. Kemp is illustrative of the kind of coercive atmosphere Hillsborough County teachers work under now with the collusion of the board with the administration if creating a punitive environment in which teachers are fearful of expressing their disagreement with board and administration policy in both’s misrunning the schools.

I want to catalogue how the board and administration deprive teachers of their free-speech rights by targeting teachers for firing if they criticize the board or administration, as I believe to be the case of Mr. Kemp.

Lee Drury De Cesare

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Thomas Vaughan said...

Ms Brown of the Tribune told me that she didn't get involved with individual teacher issues with the district or the CTA. I did write her back explaining that intimidation was a management technique employed by some district employees and it certainly went beyond my own personal issue.

Ms Stein didn't even respond.

In fact the only person who even said anything was Mr Lyons, who represented the district view. Ms Griffin was the only person who agreed to meet with me.