Monday, January 28, 2008

Susie Creamcheese of The Wall teacher blog has demanded that Board Chair Jennifer Faliero resign for her adultery on the job (

I join Ms. Creamcheese in this demand. She should have added Ms. Elia for cozening the conduct for her own dishonorable purpose of keeping a patsy on the board to continue to rubberstamp her orders including loading an extra class on teachers and ordering teachers to distort grades so that students will get A's for F performances that will cripple them when the try to get into good colleges and universities or get a job in the business world.

And other board members should resign too for looking the other way and allowing a board member in their midst to engage in disgraceful conduct antithetical to what a person's morals should be who is in charge of the students' wellbeing in the county. Unless these board members can immediately summon the courage and the care for their real constituencies--the students, the teachers, the parents, the taxpayers, not Ms. Elia--and set this disgraceful situation right, they too should resign and leave the seats open for people who can and will do the job that they neglect to do.

The administration has already fired public-affairs head Marc Hart on the trumped-up charge of drunkenness to protect Faliero so that Elia can keep a reliable rubberstamp for her projects. These include (1) bloating her salary as high as possible, including taking a "performance bonus" for teachers' work in the schools; (2) hiring unqualified friends and sycophants for overpaid administrative jobs when they lack the qualifications and need propping up by expensive outside consultants to advise them how to perform the work; (3) raping taxpayers by giving no-bid contracts to former administrator buddies; (4) dumping an extra class on teachers out of the blue without consulting them or the board on the move; (5) downloading a grade-inflation scheme on the schools to make herself look good that the teachers abhor and that will disadvantage students when they try to get into good colleges and universities or when they apply for jobs; (6) refusing to allot a slot in the regular board agenda to teachers and students so that they can feel welcome to come to share their views with the board instead of unwelcome and shut out as they now feel; (7) hiding from the public what really goes on in the school and spinning reality so that it makes Ms. Elia look like Cato the Elder.

The board and administration knew about the Faliero-Hart adultery all along and have done nothing about it, rather tolerated it on public school property.

Public Officials in other venues than the Hillsborough- County-School-Anything-Goes Board resign for sexual activities on the job.
See the Detroit story below. Why haven't the wrongdoers of ROSSAC resigned as well?

Now let's keep our eyes on what the school board does with its sex-on-the-job hot potato since the affair is publicly known.

Will it look the other way and hope the story fades? Will it engage in diversionary orgies of giving one another more of those plastic gimcrack awards for "educational excellence"? Will it invite school children to perform like little marionettes before the board dais while its members coo and prattle about the board's fostering such promising young people?

The board condoned harassing a band-leader teacher for phone calls that it only suspected had to do with sex. It allowed the punishing of a school child for reporting pedophilia that nobody else--including adults who must have seen it if a child did--had the courage and concern to report. They said nothing because people in the schools know Ms. Elia and her gang want the appearance of rectitude, not its reality. The superintendent and her minions punish anybody who points out that the emperor has no clothes.

What will the members of the Hillsborough County School Board do or not do in this case of a board member and the administrators who pimped for her in an bona fide adulterous affair on school property?

How dumb and indifferent does the board think the people of the county are about its laissez-faire attitude toward its responsibility and morality?

A lot of people already know about this adultery on school grounds under the auspices of the superintendent and tolerated by the board. How does the board explain what must have been its behind-the-scenes collusion with the administration in such seamy matters' taking place in the environs of people charged with leading the children and young people in the school system to behave responsibly and morally?

What answer will board members give voters about its willful lack of oversight and its ongoing irresponsibility in this matter when they run for re-election?

That is the question of the hour: What did the board know and when did it know it? What did the board do when it found out about onsite flagrant ROSSAC adultery?

lee drury de cesare

Beatty Resigns Amid City Hall Scandal

POSTED: 9:51 am EST January 28, 2008
UPDATED: 1:29 pm EST January 28, 2008
[NEWSVINE: Beatty Resigns Amid City Hall Scandal] [DELICIOUS: Beatty Resigns Amid City Hall Scandal] [DIGG: Beatty Resigns Amid City Hall Scandal] [FACEBOOK: Beatty Resigns Amid City Hall Scandal] [REDDIT: Beatty Resigns Amid City Hall Scandal] [RSS] [PRINT: Beatty Resigns Amid City Hall Scandal] [EMAIL: Beatty Resigns Amid City Hall Scandal]
DETROIT -- Christine Beatty has resigned from her position as Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's chief of staff.

In a letter to Kilpatrick that was released by his office, Beatty said her resignation is effective Feb. 8.

Beatty said she believes it is clear that she can no longer effectively carry out her duties.


Anonymous said...

The school board and Elia know exactly how dumb the voters are! These people have been getting away with murder for years! Why stop now? Everyone in the school district considers ROSSAC full of criminals who were pulled out of schools and given administrative jobs as an excuse to get them out of the schools where they were messing up. So now they mess up and do all sorts of ridiculous things at ROSSAC. They will never stop. They have no shame whatsoever. They will continue to rake in taxpayer dollars and get rich off taxpayer dollars and continue their unsavory practices. Since they've gotten away with it for years, why stop now? They weren't voted out yet. They probably won't be. I bet the Faliero affair is nothing compared to what goes on in ROSSAC.

Anonymous said...

It is horrible how shameless the school district seems to be. There is also a rumor going around that Candy Olson's husband was a lawyer for a malpractice lawsuit years ago. He defended many people who were harmed apparently. At the end of the day they were awarded millions, but they each only saw a couple or a few thousand and Olson's husband ended up with millions and had to lie low in Miami for a while. I hope this is not true, but it is a rumor going around.

It is sad to think that everyone in power in Hillsborough County may be totally corrupt.