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Dinner after Women's March for Choice in Washington. We had over a million who marched for women's reproductive freedom.

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Ever-vigilant Board Members:

I think you should look more closely into the collapse of the school after it was built; the lack of disaster insurance--the lawyer's job; and who's driving a late-model Porsche parked in the administration-board parking lot.

Casting-room Couch smells graft.

Why doesn't each member appoint a community expert to form a citizen's committee to review the bid process, the inspection process, the legal gloss, etc?

lee drury de cesare


Did you get my email today about how a deep throat spoke to me?

Apparently, Jim Hamilton was in charge of Facilities when he had
Blake High School built. Blake High School is built so poorly that if there is a category 2 hurricane, it will collapse like a house of cards. This was what Doug Erwin thought. Jim Hamilton wanted to "get"Doug Erwin b/c he knew that Erwin knew about this.

Also, the whole Lawson system mess up that resulted in late paychecks for teachers.....well, the person who created Lawson was a friend of a school board member (don't know which one), and the district ended up paying much more for Lawson (to fix it) than if they had used another

At some point Elia was in charge of special education stuff at certain schools, and when she was, some of the schools never saw her face enter the school. She is all about herself and what makes herself look good.

I am working on getting more info for you soon.

This comes from the Anonymous Mail Bag of Casting-Room Couch:

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It is horrible how shameless the school district seems to be. There is also a rumor going around that Candy Olson's husband was a lawyer for a malpractice lawsuit years ago. He defended many people who were harmed apparently. At the end of the day they were awarded millions, but they each only saw a couple or a few thousand and Olson's husband ended up with millions and had to lie low in
Miami for a while. I hope this is not true, but it is a rumor going around.

It is sad to think that everyone in power in
Hillsborough County may be totally corrupt.

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Lee's comment: I don't blame a woman for what her husband does and vice-versa. But I do blame a woman for her shameless anti-citizen, anti-teacher, anti-student performance on the Hillsborough County School Board. lee

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Anonymous said...


In the interest of accuracy, I think a few things should be clarified:

1.) Lawson, who is a software vendor, started out in the 1970s as a supplier of mainframe computer software to IBM. I am familiar with them through a parent's career, and I think I can say without exception that the likelihood of Lawson having a connection within the school district or board is pretty slim. That doesn't mean there could be some sort of connection via relatives or friends, but Lawson itself has been around long before any of the Board members came on the scene.

2.) The IDEAS e-mail system is not filtered, in the sense that e-mails are blocked, to the best of my knowledge. In fact, spam has become such a problem within the system that it takes up a measurable portion of the traffic, despite there being some filters in place to keep it to a minimum.

3.) The Websense system is just that - it is a filter that prevents inappropriate content from entering the District's network, and in doing so, can also be set up to filter or block specific Web sites, classes of sites (blogs) or domains. Websense is a service that provides regular updates to the filters as well as allowing custom configurations to them that the end users (HCSD) can set up to their liking, e.g., block Lee's blog but not April Griffin's.

If you want to look for connections, try poking around in Assessment & Accountability for the link between them and the Scantron company....