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Also note how they were quick to shut off the microphone when the young mother advocating for her ESE child went over her time limit.

However, when Grandpa Crazy stands at the podium and goes past the bell trying to sell the school board vitamins, he is heard loud and clear.

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Hillsborough County School Board Members:

I received this comment above on

People have begun to notice the disparate treatment the board gives people at the podium. If it’s a board and administration sycophant or a person who says anything that reflects well on the board, you are all smiles, and Dr. Lamb extends that person’s mike time. If it’s someone who is not praising the board or calling attention to a problem, Dr. Lamb assumes his gargoyle face and rebukes the speaker or cuts off that person’s time.

You board drones have sat in your potted-plant glutei on the dais and presided over the obscene administration of Ms. Elia with complacency. You have not uttered a single rebuke to her—not even when she extended teachers’ work day without consulting them in a sneak attack with no warning.

Ms. Silent-as-a-tomb Kurdell and Ms. South-Tampa Candy even jumped on Griffin for her sticking up for the taxpayers in the no-bid contract scam that Ms. Elia runs with the board’s approval.

That guy winning the bid without competition turned out to have no business phone according to La Gaceta’s investigation, and when somebody sent me an anonymous note including the state filing for this only lately retired Hillsborough County hustler’s start-up business, I got this response when I called the number: a Minnie Pearl female voice squeaking, “It’s another beautiful day! Let’s live it for the Lord!”

Minnie Pearl’s greeting didn’t sound like corporate America to me. Minnie’s invitation to worship the Lord didn’t sound like the professional, well-known, revered—nay, worshipped--state expert that Ms. Cathy Valdez lauded in her maladroit sales pitch for the non-bid award of $157,000 of tax money with the board’s 4-to-2 approval of the rip-off of the taxpayers by the board, the superintendent, the administrative nest of D students culled from buddies, family, and hangers-on by the superintendent.

And let’s not forget the attorney. He waxed full throated in his laudation of the Minnie-Pearl-lately-retired-from-the-school-system guy’s right to get a bid with no contract.

No wonder the board attorney said the administrators couldn’t write contracts, that the chore exceeded their abilities. The whole gang is too dumb to fill in the blanks of a grade book much less write a literate, cogent contract. The administrative featherbedding minions’ Romper-Room abilities explain why the taxpayers must pay their bloated salaries while hiring with no bids consultants to show them which end of the pencil to hold.

The reason why the attorney added his support to the no-bid scamming became clear when we learned that he has benefited from the no-bid contract Dr. Lennard slipped his firm. Mr. Gonzalez has made hundreds of thousands of dollars from his sweetheart no-bid deal.

Only two board members suffer no taint from the no-bid cronyism practiced by the administration and rubberstamped by the board: April Griffin and Susan Valdes.

The rest of the board frowns at anyone at the podium who is not singing the praises of the no-bid cronyism gang of board and administration. And Silent-as-a-tomb Kurdell and South-Tampa Candy rebuke any board member—i.e. Griffin in this case—who has the courage to stand up for the taxpayers, teachers, and students.

The board denigrates teachers and students by refusing to give them the dignity of a settled slot on the board agenda during which they may air their concerns and make suggestions about running the schools. The board condones the administration’s treating teachers and students as the tax-payer-supported economic base of field hands that allow the board and administration to preen as the plantation's big-house pooh-bahs while awarding no-bid contracts with a hey nonny nonny and hiring buddies and sycophants for bloated-pay administrative jobs without advertising the jobs.

The board lives in an egomaniacal la-la land and fools itself that it and the administration are the core of the school system while demeaning, ignoring, and mistreating students and teachers—the real heart of the school system and the reason that it exists.

Better citizens must replace this board of malefactors supporting the cronyism of a corrupt administration of cronies.

lee drury de cesare


Anonymous said...

If I recall correctly, they cut the microphone off on the ESE parent.

I guess that was to demonstrate the power of their position.

Sort of like zero tolerance from criticism. They don't want to encourage nay-sayers.

I think the ESE teacher and Mr. Burns were dismissed back to the people they had already complained to before. The District is big on following the chain of command, despite a wink link in the chain.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for people like you. Now, if only we could get all this information to the public! Elia needs to go!