Saturday, May 12, 2007

If you use the Florida public-records law, you can get a considerable amount of data about what goes on in the ROSSAC bunker. Anything recorded--even on a piece of toilet paper--belongs to citizens if they ask for it. Send your requests for data to La Linda is the most efficient in the Public Affairs office. She can be snippy, but we can take snippy if the snipper is efficient.

For instance, Linda has taken umbrage at my calling Linda Kipley's Professional Standards cell block "Abu Ghraib." She also objected to my misspelling "Abu Ghraib." I may still be misspelling it.

If you want to waste time, you can banter with Linda. The Constitution covers banter with public-information people at School Boards. I used to banter, but now I get right to the question. A revolutionary such as I has little time for banter.

Linda is good about keeping a record of one's questions, a vital thing for me since I would forget my nose if it were not attached to my face. All my grandchildren say, "Granny is spacy." My mind is occupied thinking up new epithets for the Board and administration louts, so I am not a good record keeper.

So fire away with your questions to La Linda. If they get numerous enough, the Board will have to give Linda an assistant at $100,000-plus a year.

Marc Hutek is in line for the assistant-to-Linda job.

lee drury de cesare

Ms. Cobbe: When will I get the secretary-produced Candy-comment from the last Board meeting? You said a secretary would produce it if I would pay for it.

I want to send it around to teachers and mount it on my blog.
Thank you.

lee drury de cesare lee

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