Friday, May 11, 2007

Dr. Lamb:

Please consider this a formal complaint about your out-of-control conduct as chair of the Hillsborough County School Board.

You have, sir, screamed at me so far on two occasions:
  • At Tampa Tiger Bay, I approached you and Ms. Olson after a meeting to say that your raising your School Board salaries by $6000 more than beginning teachers earned offended me.
Your response was to scream at me that you didn't care what I thought and that I should, in effect, render myself begone from your sight. Ms. Olson, who never has courage enough to say boo but who carries water for those who express her low sentiments, stood by and rendered unmistakable support for your behavior.
  • The most recent primal scream you performed occurred at the end of the May 8th School Board meeting.
I rebuked you at the speaker podium for betraying voter trust by using school personnel and Board-headed stationery to ask the City of Tampa for a personal favor for your condominium association.
Whereupon you screamed in the same explosive way at me as you did at Tiger Bay, only this time you screamed as official chair of a Hillsborough School Board meeting.
Your first scream at me unfolded at a private-club event; but the second scream was a part of your official chair duties at an official School Board meeting. This scream was as violative of your duties as a public servant as your pilfering Board stationery and suborning ROSSAC labor to write a private letter asking another elected official for a personal favor.
Robert's Rules is a text more tedious than Spinoza to plow through. But the Board attorney gets paid to do figure out cuneiform. I ask that you refer to Mr. Gonzalez the request for an opinion based on Robert's Rules' criteria for conduct of the chair of a committee to determine whether a board chair's screaming at a petitioner at the public podium on Board meeting night violates the rules for chair decorum. That will keep Mr. Gonzalez nicely engaged for, one infers, many billable hours.
My Georgia mother didn't know Robert's Rules, but she would have pronounced your behavior barbarous and said that you were raised in a barn, Chair Lamb.
If you think, sir, that an apology for your conduct--at Tiger Bay and at ROSSAC as School Board chair will propitiate me, abandon that thought. The only way that I will forgive your outbursts , not one but two, of primal screams at me is for you to move or to second at the 29th Board meeting that the Board establish a permanent slot for teachers on the Board agenda at which any may speak to issues that concern them if they so choose to do.
If the Board does not establish such a place at its table for teachers, that refusal means that the Board's drumbeat of praise for teachers is pious persiflage and that Board members in reality have contempt for teachers exceeded only by their esteem for their creature Ms. Elia, whom they allow to romp at will all over Hillsborough County teachers' rights, dignity, and sense of self-worth.
lee drury de cesare
15316 Gulf Boulevard 802
Madeira Beach, FL 33708
c: Commissioner of Education Blomberg
President of Florida School Boards
President-elect of Florida School Boards
Treasurer of Florida School Boards

Email to Fred Burns: Opponent for District 3 Against Ye Old Primal Screamer Le Jack Lamb

Mr. Burns: You score big points with a feminist for “chairone.” I can’t tell you how many knock-down-drag-out-faculty-lounge scuffles I have engaged in on linguistic discrimination. The twits at Harvard charged us feminists with “pronoun envy,” and we had one hell of a fight with the weather-bureau sexists getting them to alternate hurricane names.

The practice of naming hurricanes all women’s names was because women were “tempestuous and unpredictable.” That’s the kind of rigorous y-chromosome logic we women must put up with—including your wife and three daughters.

Where I taught, I wore the sexists down by never letting them get away without rebuke when they used a sexist term; then they would get up in an auditorium, use “chairperson,” and holler across the auditorium to me, “See, Lee: I’m using ‘chairperson’ just for you’” as if I were some loony feminist that they were propitiating. If you fight for women’s rights, you must accept the reputation of being the crazy aunt in the attic and wear the put-down as a garland of distinction.

My husband worked in human relations for Metropolitan Life Insurance Company to keep our four children fed and in braces while I continued graduate school at Stonybrook and nursed at night in NYC. He was mayor of our little beach town for over ten years after early retirement; then he couldn’t take it any more and retired to escape from the most tiresome bunch of politicians ever to slap a back. If you beat Primal Screamer, you may kill some of those Board lovelies. So bethink yourself.

The superintendent and Dr. Hamilton are illiterati—Hamilton the worse. I believe he bought and paid for his thesis—if he has one. He told me at Tiger Bay once that he couldn’t remember what it was about. I will write the outfit that he’s supposed to have got one from to make sure he is not lying. People do so all the time on degree claims. A couple of fellows ran against my husband with fake academic bona fides. They didn’t know enough to be aware anybody can check out a degree claim.

I tried to get the School Board to have the candidates’ terminal thesis as part of the application package. No luck. Jennifer Faliera, as dumb as she is pretty, didn’t see any justification whatsoever for a superintendent’s terminal thesis as part of the application. Your opponent, Primal Scream Le Lamb, once told me at a Tiger Bay meeting when I asked him why he approved Connie Mileto’s getting a $120,000-plus administrative slot with a kindergarten degree—along Dr. Hamilton’s solicitous help according to gossip and his wife’s divorcing him—and Linda Kipley’s getting the head Abu Gharib slot for $120,000 plus perquisites with a home-ec degree (I am not making this up) responded that he thought people ought to be able to work themselves up to the top from the bottom.

By an extension of that logic, the janitors and grounds keepers should have no educational impediments to applying for superintendent. One couldn't be worse than La Elia.

Why did you quit the business world for teaching? What does your wife do? How do you get along in a goddess-dominated house?

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Fred said...

Hi Lee:

So many questions!

I'll be at the next Board meeting and will introduce myself to you and answer these, and any other questions you may have.

As for living in the house with my wife and three daughters, it's nothing but sheer joy. Honestly.