Sunday, April 01, 2007


I am concerned that your film Ten at the Top features two people who have been highly unethical toward me, in my opinion.

Pat Bean covered up the fact that Joe Stines (head of the public libraries) attempted to harm me by giving MaryEllen Elia emails that I sent to him (and had every right as a citizen to send to him) to get me in trouble. Pat Bean would not give a straight answer about this, and Elia used these very emails I wrote on my home AOL email account to jumpstart an investigation into my school district email system, after I protested the dismantling of the gay pride book display in summer 2005.

When I confronted her she claimed she was not tech saavy like me, so she did not know whether my AOL emails were school district emails or not. I do not believe that for a minute. You simply have to read the "From:" line and know they are not school district emails. On top of it, how can a Superintendent in this day and age not be tech saavy.

I believe she lied about that. I have asked for an apology from Elia, but she refuses to give me one.

Meanwhile, I was named one of Library Journal's Movers and Shakers 2006 for my actions while I believe Elia attempted to have me investigated to scare me about my job. This is highly unethical behavior in a Superintendent, and the fact that Pat Bean covered for Joe Stines and Elia is unethical.

I believe Elia lied when she said she is not tech saavy, and lying is unethical in a Superintendent.

These two have no right to be featured in a movie, in my opinion. They shame women who have made it to the top without using unethical and bullying means.

I have had many teachers tell me that Elia has abused her power with them and said demeaning things to them to throw her power and weight around. I believe she is the type to use her power against underlings while kissing up to those who will help her, and that is how she got ahead, not through ethical or worthwhile means.

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deepcover said...

"On top of it, how can a Superintendent in this day and age not be tech saavy."

Easy. She defines it to her favor.

As the Superintendent she can very easily be spoon-fed information by her assistants.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the poignant email I received this morning. It is refreshing to read about standing up for the true middle class—the workers. Why do employees persist in allowing upper management (administration) to steal their rightful wages? You hit the nail on the head when you said it is fear of losing one’s mean of support. By paying workers as little as the market will allow and terrorizing them with threat of dismissal, a relative few are able to control the many. It is seems to be an essential strategy for a so-called free market economy.

Vox Populi said...

Bart ! I said the same thing about this movie. Only in my statement I conveyed the fact that out of ALL of those women only two could be considered to be women of ethics! AND, one of those I was kind about because I like her personally despite her errant ways. I've worked with her and she was decent to me personally while making her way to the top.
That's okay, the small business of the year owner of 2005 I believe, Mr. Dump Truck has stalked me through each neighborhood in Tampa AND up and down the interstate.
It's what we reward in Tampa. If we don't turn it around NOW there won't BE another day to do so. I'm going to email you.