Saturday, March 31, 2007

This email from Bart Birdsall to the CTA honchos suggests how indifferent to the rights and wellbeing of their members. Why people don't shop a new union remains a mystery. If CTA were any less active in its protection of teachers' rights, it would be motionless. lee

Yvonne, Jean, and Chuck,

I understand that CTA is going to get me the name of the people who complained about my media specialist emails in summer 2005. The teacher contract states I have a right to this information (8.1.1), and I am assuming that I will receive this information, because CTA upholds the teacher contract. Before Spring Break Yvonne said Chuck would get this information for me, but Kipley was sick. She has had time to get better, so I would like to have the names. If she is still sick it is easy to type some names in an email or write them on a sheet of paper and send them to you or to pick up the phone and tell you. I request that the names, description of allegation, and their remedy requested be sent to me via an email, so I have it in writing.

I know this is not a top priority for you, but it is a top priority for me to heal myself emotionally and move on. I request this information as soon as possible. I plan no retaliation against the complainants, if they actually exist. I am simply trying to get answers after a two year runaround.

Thank you,
Bart Birdsall
2309 W. Bristol Ave.
Tampa, FL 33609
home (813) 258-8817
cell (813) 362-7937

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