Sunday, October 31, 2010

Readers' Comments

Ms. Elia with her mullet shaved and a wig replacing it. She is saying, "Off with their heads!"

Read the comments on my previous entry about the girl whom the administration worked over.

I think the writer is right who said that a poor white girl could be just as mistreated. These administrative sadists get off on bullying kids they don't think can strike back: whatever their color. I notice that the board didn't have her arrested but ran that through the State's Attorney's office. The board would never let their names be attached to this vicious behavior that they don't investigate themselves or own up to tolerating.

In answer to the person's question about what the girl did, I am not sure. She was alleged to have got into a fight; then I heard that, no, she wasn't in a fight but witnessed it and that the administration wanted her to identify the combattants and she wouldn't.
When does insisting on keeping your mouth shut merit a court case? This is sadistic overkill carried out by the principal and vice principal. When the girl got back to school after the community service sentence, the administration piled on her and told her they could and might send her to a special school and that she had lost her right to apply for scholarships. How's that for solicitude for a student?


Anonymous said...

These school board members sound so evil. Your blog needs to go viral so that everyone knows how these people are, and we can vote them all out. There should be term limits for them. Candy Olson talked about the need for institutional memory or some crap like that. The schools sucked before she came onto the board, and the schools still suck. Forget institutional memory. Vote them out! They've done nothing but collect a paycheck!

Vox Populi said...

I think they should have asked permission from all the scholarship grantors. I don't think it's THEIR place to take back money which does NOT belong to them. DID any of the requirements of the scolarships specifically prevent Ms. Renee from applying? I SERIOUSLY doubt it.
I would sue the pants off ms. red queen. THAT LOOKS JUST LIKE HER. GREAT PICTURE !!!!!!!!!!!

Vox Populi said...

This girl stormed (or left) from someone's office and was prosecuted???? We need to find out about Mr. Messina. Hmmmmm. Lee !!!!! It would be SUCH FUN to take gigantic "red queen" posters to the next schoolboard meeting (both sides) I am SURE that people would immediately see the uncanny resemblance to maryEllen. It is damn close, isn't it?

Let's DO IT !!!!!!