Friday, September 03, 2010

Latino Literature

Susan, in the Labor section of La Gaceta this week, there is an announcement that Norton has just published a Latino literature anthology.

Higher education widely uses Norton anthologies.

You and all the board can get an examination copy from the local salesperson of Norton.

Then you can talk to the English department heads about introducing an introductory course in Latino literature for talented 12-grade students as an elective.

I will help nag La Gaceta to publish some of the students' essays. lee de cesare


Anonymous said...

Heard strange news story on radio about Hills. County school district chief Mary Ella saying she is running for open school dist. head in state of Nevada, even though Mary didn't submit application. I think it is a false flag, to get a raise, saying other districts are interested in her. Tooting her own horn. What school district would be interested in her, she doesn't have a Ph.D.

Anonymous said...

If I were a school board member, I would say, "Let her go! The schools in Hillsborough sucked before her and still suck! She hasn't helped. A brand new college graduate could do the same and have the same effect on our schools. Let her go!"

I bet she is trying to get a raise when probably the teachers didn't get one in this bad economy. She has some nerve, but greed is what makes the woman tick.

Same with Candy Olson. She is reputed to have made her fortune off the pain and tears of other people.

Two horrible human beings. Both need to be kicked out for good!