Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Thank you Jesus, Allah, and Buddha

Praise glory. I got a press release tonight sent out by Candy Olson's opponent, Frank Fernandez, that announces that somebody is pushing for term limits on school board members. Fernandez supports it.

None of the board will. They have found a home on the podium, and some have set up housekeeping behind the big curved desk.

Candy Olson has a four-room apartment completely furnished under her desk. She plans to move in permanently if she wins this election.

Carol Kurdell has put in a crop of corn at her perch. She plans to next sow a field of pole beans and sell them by the roadside outside of ROSSAC.

Jack Lamb (I refuse to call him "doctor" for I am certain he can't write a sentence much less a doctoral dissertation). I want to do a forensic exam on his putative dissertation and then complain to the president of whichever gimcrack online school that awarded the fake degree to him knowing it was bought and paid for. I will give the president--who also has a bogus degree-- hell, or as my refined Aunt Jessie used to say H E Two Sticks.

Meanwhile Jack is stocking a lot of fattening food like Twinkies and Little Debbies and boxes of macaroni and cheese under his desk so that he can munch his way through his life-long incumbency. He's also laying in bushels of potato chips and peanut butter and jelly. I would not be surprised to see him stockpiling pure pork-fat lard under his desk.

If voters are dumb enough to vote Griffin back in and Motel Breath Falliero, they too will begin to set up housekeeping as well under their desks.

Pray, pray that term limits evict these leeches before they begin to morph into twins and then triplets and turn the board room into their home sweet homes. lee


Anonymous said...

People like Candy Olson have never had a real job their entire life. They get on boards and act like gods when they are just losers. Total losers.

Anonymous said...

L M A O !!!! Lee, what do the Fermans have to do with Olson?? What piece am I missing? That story I gave you the link to where SPTIMES got behind GED clutching April Griffin the first comment asked how many FERMAN ADS the stpete times would get for endorsing Olson?
Can you tell me?
The best question to keep asking Fake Pearls April is what technical school the children in her family will be attending??? That is HER NICHE you know. Go read the article if you haven't already.

Anonymous said...

Lee, look ! They're trying to crucify Frank Hernandez over at the st pete times.
Candy Kane Kitten must be SKEERED.

Anonymous said...

They have already turned the board into their "Home, Sweet Home." There was a former board member who represented Plant City. He was a pharmacist or something and school district purchased plants were planted in his yard. They help themselves to whatever they want as if the taxpayer dollars belong to them personally. He was a country boy who bilked people out of money all his life. Yet he came to a board meeting to speak at public comment, and you should have seen how the board members fawned all over him and treated him like a sweet, old relative. He was nothing but a crook, and they oohed and ahhed over his appearing before the board. Faliero especially. He's probably giving her tips on how to steal taxpayer dollars the way he did in exchange for sexual favors. The two are dirtbags.