Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Don't Think This Is John

8/29/10 John is alive and has sent a lauche comment below. He is mad at me for not publishing him. I thought I had. Here, John, I have published you. There, there. lee

Gentle Readers: Whoever wrote this below piffle is too gutless to sign his name. I don’t know if he is a hack for the pharmacist in the run-off with Griffin or a grammar maniac on the loose.

I recall that the druggist got a so-so review from Patrick Manteiga in La Gaceta. If the fellow has as much writing awareness as he displays in his unsigned squib to me, Patrick should have given him a higher evaluation.

His writing shows he has a brain—if the jagged essay is his writing: a constipated brain with misfiring synapses but better than nothing.

What I think is that this bozo is a ghost writer for the druggist. The druggist may not know language well enough to speak it and can only count pills. Dr. Pill Pusher may have got his degree online from Placebo U. But I wish the druggist indeed knew language well and got elected. He would be the most literate person prowling the halls of ROSSAC, and I would have someone on the board to banter with about the abuse of language.

If he reviews April Griffin’s blog, he will see a passel of grammar-punctuation errors. April has no college degree and is proud of it. She wants to turn the county high schools into tech emporiums.

Then the graduates would be as bereft of learning as she is.

If Dr. Pill Chit wants to beat April, he will have to be more forthcoming than he has been so far in the campaign. He must have the guts to confront Griffin on her trashing government in the sunshine by agreeing to everything’s being decided in the superintendent’s star chamber, put on the rolling consent agenda, and rubberstamped by the potted-plant board. He will also insist that Griffin confess to helping Elia create an empty job for the Alafia principal—the one whom parents rejected. The deal was that the failed principal would get the same principal salary as she made as Alafia principal in the created perch if she would only resign. Elia needed her to resign quietly to stop the bad press Elia was getting about the situation. April helped Elia in this dirty deal by going out to Alafia with Motel Breath Falliero to convince Principal Smith to resign.

If April were representing the taxpayers Instead of shilling for Elia , she would have acted like a good school board member and insisted that the superintendent fire the failed principal. This failed principal now sits in the book depository, paring her nails at taxpayers’ expense on a principal’s salary thanks to the collusion of Candidate Griffin and Motel Breath Falliero. Motel Breath will no longer adorn the board say the election results. I believe I contributed to her demise. I would like to think so.

I don’t think the druggist has the right stuff for politics. He didn’t answer my call when he first announced. A real pol answers calls no matter from whom the call is. And he has insufficient guts to sign his name to a critical email such as the foregoing. John indeed. Nothing to admire in this quarter. That’s the kind of people who run for the school board.



John__D said...

Don't preach your comments about gutlessness at me! Plenty of others post here anonymously, and you don't question their guts.

Besides, you didn't post my most recent response to that "it's = it has" discussion. If you want people to acknowledge your emails, perhaps you could do the same with people's posts. Of course, if you're too gutless to post them, I suppose there's not hope.

Oh, and you didn't publish the writing that you mentioned. Well done.

Anonymous said...

John D.,
I am just curious. Are you a district administrator, or are you simply a person interested in grammar and want to catch Lee on grammar mistakes? I am just curious why you read her blog. You never comment on the content, although maybe you have. I can't remember. You seem to want to just comment on her grammar, which is your right. You seem angry toward her though, and I just would like to know why that is. Most people who are angry at her are school district people.

Vox Populi said...

bart always asks the questions that need asked. And does the things that need done. And gets to go cool places w/Lee. Please answer, John_d. I iz curiouser and curiouser too... I have always thought it was Dr.(notsomuch) Lamb.
john is big boy for jack. Along w/the hater-ness and other things made me conjecture it was jack d. lamb. d is not for doctor.

John__D said...

>You never comment on the content, although maybe you have.<

Huh? Never, maybe? Make up your mind.

I've explained all this before, Bart. The last time you pulled me up for nitpicking, I responded and addressed you in the headline of my blog. It's still there. Go and have a scroll.

Content? Every time I have asked a question about content, I get abuse from the likes of Vox. Lee often refuses to answer. Lee spends most of her time bagging others' grammar skills; exactly how is she addressing the content of anything when she does this?

Anyway, you want content? What do you think is the purpose of coaxial cable, Bart: to carry signals to TV sets or to restrain students?

John__D said...

"Bart says the homophobes can do and say what they like as long as gay students are not harassed. How does he feel about Lee de Cesare? Is she allowed to say and do what she likes under her freedom of speech umbrella as long as nobody is harassed?

You antinitpickers are all for stopping harassment right up until someone asks you what it actually is."

There you go, Bart. There is one of my comments on harassment. Answer it, please, if you're so bent on the discussion of content.

Lee's behaviour is often repeated, and it is unwanted by her targets. If someone did this to gay students, you'd be up in arms. When Lee does it to board members, you don't say a word.

Anonymous said...

John D., people in positions of power can defend themselves. They have hot shot lawyers like Tom Gonzalez, or lawyers who think they are hot shots. They are also in the positions of power. I don't feel the need to defend the President. He chose the job and has to take the heat. Same with the school board members. I only defend the Little People. They have no defense, and I could care less about the people who sit in positions of power. They can fend for themselves.

That is why I've spent my life volunteering and helping people and also worked in the schools for 13 years helping poor kids. My mother was a poor girl abused by an alcoholic father who told her to get out if she thought she could find a better life. She ran away from home at 12 and never looked back. She later met my father in her 20s. He was in the navy. He had done very well for himself and thanks to him I do not have to work for a living if I don't choose to do so. But I have spent my time helping those people who are poor, because I know what my mother went through. I have really no empathy or sympathy for the people who hold the reins of power. They usually have the money and knowledge and confidence to defend themselves.

I seem to have struck a nerve. I was not upset at you. I was honestly asking that question to find out more about you. If I knew where you were coming from, I might see your side. I don't know. I just want to know what Lee has done to you or someone you care about, because that is what I suspect. I am just trying to discover if you have a hidden agenda. Were you a newspaper writer that Lee corrected and sent the corrections to your boss? Are you a district administrator? Are you a family member of a board member? Just curious.

But in the end it really doesn't matter. I have The Iliad, The Odyssey, and other books to read and a brand new Ring Cycle to watch on dvd that I have not seen yet from Valencia, Spain. I also walk my dog Hannah 3 times a day and take her to the park, so I have my hands full. I am not holding my breath for your answers. In the end, Lee will continue to blog b/c she enjoys it, and I will continue to just do whatever strikes my fancy.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign my last comment, and I didn't even know you had a blog yourself. I don't have time to read your blog. I am too busy reading Lee's blog and also follow several opera blogs and message boards where we argue over singers and whether a singer should place a trill at the end of "Casta Diva" or not in Bellini's Norma.

Anonymous said...

awww I could hear the violins start for the poooorrrr innocent board members.....

Vox Populi said...

I think the coax could be used for both ... for lackof anything else available, right?
John_DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I have neva EVA abused you. You started it. I have ignored you into oblivion but lee likes to parry with you.

John__D said...

>I think the coax could be used for both ... for lackof anything else available, right?<

Wrong. That is not the question, Vox, you moron. A hammer can be used to bang in a nail or to belt people over the head. I can use a car to drive to work or to drive through your front door.

Coax could be used for both. But what was it designed to do? Sorry, I'll put it in your language, Vox: WTF was coax designed 2 do?

No wonder I don't comment on the issues; some of you have extreme difficulty with comprehension. God help us and our children that you are teachers.

John__D said...

Met your match, have you, Lee? You have never been happy with people's exercising their right of reply.

Bart, if you have time between dog walks, go to my blog to see my comment that Lee censored. Free speech and First Amendment, my butt.