Sunday, May 30, 2010

Adulterous Hypocrisy


Mr. Reagin:

Your name appears as online contact for Brandon Chamber of Commerce publications.

Please direct this communication to the appropriate Chamber of Commerce person, probably the one who schedules community events.

Chamber clients--indeed, the whole community--should be interested in the Hillsborough County School Board race in which three incumbents--one from your district--seek re-election.

None is worthy of another term, but the incumbent from District 4, your district, Jennifer Falliero, is especially unworthy to serve another term as one of the elected officials who oversee the community's children's wellbeing and ethical development.

If the Brandon Chamber of Commerce cares about its community's children, the chamber would do well to sponsor a school-board election debate with wide advertisement to give the citizens in your area the chance to evaluate the candidates running for the District 4 office. Incumbent Jennifer Falliero is the current incumbent seeking District 4 re-election; her three opponents according to the Supervisor of Elections are Richard William Bartels; Stacy R. White; and Kirk Edward Faryniasz.

I believe Mr. White is a druggist who didn't answer my phone message about his campaign and hence showed slender political skills; I know nothing of the other two.

It is my considered opinion that Jennifer Falliero is not a morally fit person to serve as the community's children's guardian on the school board because of her conduct while in office.

Ms. Falliero engaged in an adulterous affair on school property with the head of the Community Affairs office--Marc Hart--for a span of two administrations: those of Dr. Lennard and Ms. Elia. Knowledge of the affair was widespread in the schools.

Ms. Falliero initiated the affair by haunting Mr. Hart's office in search of "mentoring" so frequently that she became almost a part of the furniture. She did so despite being married herself with two teenage daughters--her husband was a coach in the schools--and Mr. Hart's being married with two young children.

The reason I know that adultery took place between Mr. Hart and Board Member Falliero is that Marc Hart called and asked permission to come to my home on Madeira Beach. During that meeting, he showed me the divorce deposition which detailed the affair.

The adultery Ms. Falliero, your community's board member, initiated broke up her own marriage and contributed to the Hart marriage's break-up. Her illicit behavior caused suffering to four children. I am sure her two teenage daughters suffered pain and embarrassment, and Mr. Hart's two young children suffered: the older's illness exacerbating and the younger's grades plummeting.

Any person who engages in such destructive adventure as school-based adultery to the harm of four children has no business being a school board member who oversees the community's children's intellectual, physical, and moral wellbeing.

The administration's and other board members' response to Ms. Falliero's adultery can only be called collusive if not protective. Dr. Lennard tolerated it; Ms. Elia did too until her fear of bad publicity led her to have Marc Hart fired for a cooked-up reason to remove him from being an on-site enticement to Ms. Falliero's obsessive behavior. The board and administration did not object to a board member's adultery on the job; they objected to the public's finding out about it and holding the board accountable to the voters.

Mr. Hart couldn't get a job afterward locally from blackballing by the government jobs community and so went to New Mexico to seek work. Ms. Falliero followed him and missed board meetings to do so I understand. When she returned, she severed relations with Mr. Hart. My diagnosis is that she discovered another source of mentoring.

The board members' all knowing about the situation did not prevent its members' voting Ms. Falliero in as board chair, showing disrespect for the positions of trust they had sought and held that included seeing to the interests of the community's children--including the moral atmosphere that all branches of the schools are responsible for but especially the board. Those incumbents who voted Ms. Falliero into chair position included all other board incumbents--Dr. Lamb, Ms. Ethridge, Ms. Kurdell, Ms. Valdes, and the two other incumbents now seeking re-election, Ms. Olson and Ms. Griffin.

I doubt if one of Falliero's three opponents-- Richard William Bartels; Stacy R. White; and Kirk Edward Faryniasz--

possesses the political nerve needed to challenge Ms. Falliero on her school-property adultery. They mistakenly and cravenly think, I wager, that the press will rescue them by bringing the issue up in the newspaper.

They err by not knowing how prissy the press is on matters of sexual impropriety. The press likes to masquerade as rough and tough Fourth Estate crusaders for righteous causes, but they quail and turn into wussies when it comes to reporting sexual misbehavior of the powerful and especially of elected officials. That's why mob prostitutes had the run of the White House during Kennedy's incumbency. The male press knew of the situation and printed nothing. Only when women got a toehold in the press did there appear more reporting about elected officials' sexual transgressions.

Had the unorthodox National Inquirer, run by Oxford graduates, not broken the story of John Edward's adultery and love child, he would probably be running for some national office right now, so terrified of the subject of illicit sex is the regular press.

Similar lack of daring of Falliero's opponents' part will explain why they don't dare confront her with her on-the-job adultery. This cowardice bodes ill for their being able to hold their own against administration and other board members if elected to the school board. Such pusillanimity predicts the ones elected will go through the usual surrender to the siren song of tribal all-for-one-and-one-for-all thuggery that poses as leadership by the current board and administration.

What the Hillsborough County School Board needs is tough reformers not liable to the coercion and seduction of current indoctrinated board members and administration. I don't know if any of the three challengers of La Falliero has the right stuff to challenge the system by themselves alone without backup until they build a following as they inevitably will if they stick to their guns. I would like to believe that most people running for the board would like to do the right thing when elected and would if they could beat back the attempts of the other board members and administration to Stockholm them into falling in line with the abuse of power that characterizes the current administration and board.

Voters may hope that an opponent of Ms. Falliero's, if elected, may turn out to have the guts and fortitude in the grind of service on the board that includes constant coercion by other board members and administration to convert him so that he will throw up his hands and surrender to the usual self-serving group folderol that passes as schools leadership.

But there is always the chance that a challenger may turn out to be the hero who represents the public and students that the school- board positions cry out for.

Voters can hope so in any event.

Anybody would be better than Ms. Falliero, who has disgraced the office she holds and surrendered her board vote to the dictates of Ms. Elia in exchange for whatever tolerance Ms. Elia has ceded Falliero's adultery and other failures as a board member.

I have seen the extant system suck board members in who promised on the stump to clean up the schools only to become a part of the problem once elected. In this category I would cite Jennifer Falliero and Susan Valdes. Giving in to the crooked mores of school administration is easier than fighting for what is right. Few have the backbone to do that, unfortunately.

And board incumbents quickly learn the sleazy art of lying with a straight face to the voters and, with backs to the wall, pretending that they don't know what's going on. Cornered, they are capable of averring with a straight face that they don't know the way to the bathroom.

I will attend the debate if the chamber has the moxie to have it and if it will let me know when and where the event is. I shall pose the question to Ms. Falliero about her adultery on school property if no one else summons the courage to do so and demand of her to know why Ms. Falliero's on-school-property adultery does not make her unworthy for the position of school board member.

We women are braver than men when it comes to protecting children. Ten grandchildren make my determination the greater to free school boards from the influence of adulteresses such as Ms. Falliero.

Adultery should not be a school-based, tolerated form of behavior for the sake of my grandchildren and everybody's children and grandchildren.

The community should not put up with such behavior of a school-board member with a wink and a nod--knowing the conduct is wrong but too prissy or too gutless to say so out loud.

If the chamber is too timid to sponsor this debate, it doesn't care about its community and its community's children. It's everybody's business to protect children. Refusing to have the school-board debate will go on record as an act of civic cowardice of the Brandon Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber can have the debate itself, or you can locate a sponsor who will. The churches are a natural resort, although I fear they hide behind the skirts of Jesus' robe in this area. If anyone asks what Jesus would do in this situation, the answer is that He would stage the debate, of course.

One way or another, the Chamber of Commerce should find a way to have District 4's candidates appear and debate their candidacy.

Ms. Falliero has other flaws besides indulging in school-site adultery as a board member. She had to be given a First Amendment Romper Room lecture by the board attorney Gonzalez because she doesn't understand what the First Amendment comprises. When she gets a gavel in her hand, she thinks she becomes dictator by divine right and wields the gavel as if it were a flame-thrower. She wrote a letter to the newspaper editors asking that they put a person on the job 24-7 to intercept messages critical of the board and school administration, identifying the wretch for whatever punishment the board devised for the lese majeste of criticizing board members and administrators. She needed help from the community affairs office to edit the letter into literate prose. She then threatened to kick out elected official April Griffin because she did not agree with what Ms. Griffin said. She enlisted the schools head of security to eject from the board room and threaten with arrest the citizen who exposed her adultery.

A person ignorant of the First Amendment should not run for office because she does not know what the Constitution says when she takes the oath of office to uphold it.

Suppressing the First Amendment is worse than adultery--much worse.

Ms. Falliero also wants to notify parents if their children belong to gay clubs in school, although studies have shown that many parents kick their gay offspring into the streets to fend for themselves when they learn they are gay. She sought the help of the homophobic political people in the community to have a hearing on this issue. Fortunately, the ACLU appeared as did people from USF to protest the move to expose students belonging to gay clubs. The best witnesses against Ms. Falliero's sadistic proposal were students from the local high schools, who spoke with such eloquence and intelligence that their performance assured one the country's future would be in good hands.

Ms. Falliero lost that ugly effort on her part to savage gay students, thank goodness.

Ms. Falliero also avows herself to be a born-again Christian. I don't know whether the born-again community considers her an ornament in their midst or an embarrassment.

Ms. Falliero opposes teaching Darwin in the science curriculum, as well as one can understand from her murky statements. And most puzzling of all, given her own abandoned sexual conduct, she opposes schools' teaching sex education. One does not know how she will greet the news this week that teenage pregnancies have gone down because the use of condoms has gone up. One infers that descent of out-of-wedlock births to teenagers connects with the increasing curricula nationwide that include sex education.

Although scuttlebutt says that she is deeply in debt, Ms. Falliero told a Times reporter that she is prepared and capable of administering the multi-million-dollar Gates Grant. She can't handle her own money, but she can administer the millions Gates gave to the schools.

She recently conducted a public-relations campaign opposing the lowering of board members' salaries, although they make $5,000 more than those of beginning teachers and more than the average family of four in the Bay Area.

Ms. Falliero also moved secretly from her Brandon district into South Tampa, but the press caught her and reported the move. Ms. Falliero lied when first caught but then admitted her covert move and acknowledged that she knew it violated the state law that says school board members must live in their districts. She then moved back to Brandon, from whence she wants now to run yet again to represent District 4 as school-board member despite her compromised loyalty of moving out of the district by stealth and then moving back only when the press caught and reported her illegal peregrinations.

I don't know what disabilities the three Falliero opponents have, but they can't be worse than Falliero's. I wager that nearly anyone would be a good replacement for her. Any new board member would have a hard time exceeding her record in negative behavior, including her automatic support of anything the superintendent deems appropriate to maintain the administration's power over the schools.

It's up to a responsible Brandon Chamber to have the school board candidates debate and let the community's affected citizens attend to make a judgment in this race.

Please let me know if I can provide more information. I have learned a considerable amount of startling data during my two-plus years monitoring of the board.

Lee Drury De Cesare

15316 Gulf Boulevard 602

Madeira Beach, FL 33708


Anonymous said...

It is funny that you call Falliero "Pole Girl," because she is the one who has gone up to a person I know and said, "Aren't you a DANCER?" in an attempt to embarrass the woman. I guess karma really exists.

Vox Populi said...

LOL !!!! Was that one of the parents?? Of course, they have a little arrow quiver of what they consider insults when just that they are walking around children is an insult. Lee, I hate to break it to you but the chamber of commerce is a bunch of SKINKS. And churches now too for the moat part. Thank the masons. They've slithered in everywhere and they like casual pornstars .. they never know when they'll get a free peek !!! I'll try to think of who else would care. the best bet is the parents' club but probably not the one at plant. I'm sure your daughter feels outnumbered by the weirdos whose kids attent plant as a rule. I've met some really good parents at plant but they are far and away outnumbered by the gangster mom and dads. Why not host a candidate at a local library with LOTS of advertising in advance (only if you check them out and they are bona fide NON SCUM) and then that will force the others in or make them appear to be NON FORTH COMING. Or have them go to city council and county commission and announce the 'panels' and see if they can scare the incumbents into attending. Doubtful but worth a try. Hillsborough's tried and true response: they will ignore you in a serial fashion. YOu have to make your own noise if you want public office.