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Learned Counselor Will Speak for Board Members Who Lost Their Vocal Chords When They Won Election

Lives in South Tampa on the Windward Side of Elia's
Beverly Hillbillies Digs: He Is Scion of One of Tampa's Old Families That Migrated from South Carolina with the Family Sharecropper Plantation Mounted on a Moving Platform Behind the Family 1937 Packard Sedan and All the Slaves Riding in the Open Back of a Pick-up Truck in the Rear of the Caravan; Asked at a Filling Station Where He Was Going, the Patriarch said, "To Tampa, Florida, To Live in South Tampa and Become a
Bona Fide Noveau Aristocrat."

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Elia and the board must spend a ton on lawyers every year.

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Posted by Anonymous to Lee Drury De Cesare's Casting-Room Couch at 5:01 AM
Board members and the superintendent lose the art of negotiating life's ups and downs by themselves. They resort to lawyers to speak for them. I once heard Candy Olson grandly say from the podium, "We speak through lawyers."

In her civilian life post divorce by her out-of-the-closet-never-been-happier-after-the split bankruptcy judge husband, Candy perforce moved to a condo on the other side of the tracks. South Tampa sticks up its nose at poor-white-trash condo dwellers.

The divorce settlement must have sold the house and its South Tampa prestige out from under Candy. The trauma of living in a
declasse condo may force La Candy to learn to speak for herself again. She'll have to talk to the riffraff in the condo elevator to argue about pool privileges.

That divorce may have been good news for her husband but bad news for the school because Candy will probably hang onto her board job for dear life henceforth because it pays $41,000 a year, eight thousand more than beginning teachers make.

I think it would do her a world of good to clerk in
Burdines to readjust her psyche to that of us common folks. Burdines is where you will find all South Tampa dumped wives. They used to clerk in Lily Rubin's, but that store went out of business. lee

Meanwhile, at
ROSSAC taxpayers pay Tom Gonzalez a bloated $275,000 a year--more than any other school attorney in Florida-- to speak for board members who decline to use their vocal chords after election, so special do they think themselves as to be exempt from vulgar conversation. Next, they will demand tax-supported rickshaws to ferry them around town to their government-financed political hog-trough luncheons and banquets.

I assume Ms. Elia is paying this private attorney to bully neighbors into accepting her Tennessee Williams hot tin roof. They should file a community bullying counter lawsuit against her. She has bullied the employees at
ROSSAC and in the schools for two years and has rapidly got the habit of coercion in dealing with people from her exalted perch.

La Elia will find that the South Tampa natives think themselves equal to or above Zeus and his gang much less a school superintendent and may be sorry she stepped into a
faux pas to get the gaudy tin roof she wants on her house. I saw her once when she was in her ambassadorial mode at Plant trying to charm the parents. She was a flop. They treated her like the hired help.

If Ms. Community Decorator intends to live there post-superintendency dictatorship into retirement after she has vacated the dictatorial post and the
behavioral gaucheries that her superintendency affords her because people who gainsay her fear losing their jobs, she may find that this tin-roof breach of community aesthetic will not endear her to South Tampans, all of whom consider themselves to the manor born. lee


Anonymous said...

OMG, LEE. It's NOT a tin roof on her house. LOL !!!! It's a shed with windows that looks like those vinyl fences. Then it's like stapled to the side of her McMansion. It's gaucher than hell. Even I think so and I can play gauche when I need to. Go look. It's a STITCY.
Though this is about the funniest writing you have ever done I think the reader deserves to know that she just tacked a cheezy looking shed on her home and it's behind this rotted fence thing and she calls it a patio room. It's very very funny to imagine her in there confabbing with tom. Tom, please, step out to my aluminum patio where we can talk privately. Tom: maryEllen, I AM FROM SOUTH CAROLINA, even my slaves would not enter your shed without gloves on. Is that a rat?? Oh, sorry ,,, it's your new hairstyle. I feel fat. I'll just sit over here on your faux horsehair couch next to albert.

Anonymous said...

Lee, there's more here:

Anonymous said...

Due to budget cuts she faces having to get rid of the Office of Professional Standards so she had a tin shed built to stick unruly teachers in until they tow the line! LOL

Anonymous said...

So your next question might be: "How many lawyers does the district employee?"

twinkobie said...

In response to the above suggestion, this to the Community Affairs office.

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lINDA, APPARENTLY THE SCHOOLS HAVE ANOTHER LAWYER BESIDES gONZALEZ ACCORDING TO THE PAPER. How many lawyers do the schools have> What was each's salary for last year?

lee de cesare

Anonymous said...

Lee. April actually did say this:
Griffin, 40, said she was proud of the role she played in averting teacher layoffs and reducing administrative costs. She plans to continue advocating for students who aren't getting services such as health care for which they qualify.

"We've got to maintain that career and technical pathway for kids," she added. "I don't believe we need a country full of college educated people."

Here's the link: