Friday, February 26, 2010

Checking and Rechecking As New Data Emerge

Mapping the Pyramids in Egypt

Linda, I am not clear on the length of Tom Gonzalez's employment with the school board.

I heard 30 years, which apparently was the length of time his predecessor spent on the job; I heard then, I believe you told me, that the board had employed Tom Gonzalez for six years.

But review of the Erwin trial documents revealed that Gonzalez was involved in not only the Whistleblower trial but in also in the preceding measures the administration took in trying to authenticate Mr. Erwin's claims of in-school crime.

Those actions will have been in the early '90s. One such instance was the Erwin investigation Mr. Gonzalez launched and then shut down when the investigators reported that they found chiefly evidence of efforts to discredit Mr. Irwin.

Please revisit this question: what year did Mr. Gonzalez start working for the board?

And although you say he has no contract, he must have some kind of agreement with the board for his employment. I don't think the people who review school accounting for the state would allow a mere oral agreement. There must be something in writing. I would like to see that. ldd


Anonymous said...

Did you read the Times today? Elia hired another school board attorney, Gina Grimes, to represent her in a property zoning agenda.

Vox Populi said...

She didn't necessarily HIRE gina, you know. Could have been a back scratching party. That should be CLOSELY EXAMINED.