Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Channeling Mr. Hoover

Good news. The FBI takes on cases of the sort that plagues Hillsborough County's school system.

So tonight after I attend the board meeting, I write a billet doux to the FBI.

This is an adventure in resources of the government to protect its citizens from small-town crooks and pettifoggers.

I wonder why somebody didn't call in the FBI in the Erwin crime spree. ldd


Vox Populi said...

Lee. you're the amazing sort of woman who hopefully comes along way more than once in a lifetime .. but doubtful. You're a oner.
Tell them not to rely on the local FEEBS. We need some outside blood and NO NEPOTISM.

From what I've seen of local FBI ... they're either asleep or .. just don't care. Worst case scenario: they're on the payroll.
Ask goader and others in the system. AN ASTONISHING number of teachers have law enforcement husbands. Also .. they should look more at the FIRING and harassment intimidation patterns. THEN the subsequent hiring. I think it's only been THIS bad since la maryEllen.
Lee, I talk to my family about you .. they can hardly believe a person like you exists. We laugh and laugh together and rejoice over the things you have accomplished.
It's superlative to be associated in any way whatsover with you. Wish I had a better schedule for the board meetings.
Would LOVE to be there. Would applaud vigorously for the senile ... and point at the monkey see monkey do board.

Anonymous said...

Go get 'em, Lee! These schmucks deserve to have the FBI after them! They are criminal. I bet if the FBI were to look into Hillsborough's school board, most of the board would be arrested. They've gotten away with murder because no one is paying attention.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the FBI can investigate the Erwin case and all other cases that have gone on in the district. Maybe it would cause all the board members to resign out of total and utter shame for their disgusting criminal behavior which harms children in the long run. These people are stealing from children by doing such a lousy job, because taxpayer dollars going toward education are being misused.

Anonymous said...

When they are arrested please get it on YOUTUBE QUICKLY and let it go VIRAL like their abuse of children.