Monday, September 07, 2009

ACLU Wants to Write Bart's Story


This is the way (below) the blogs will shine a light on the dark doings of the mini-thugs who run the schools in Hillsborough County.

Letter to Melissa and Bill Gates is my previous post. Write them yourselves. They are great people who try to do good with their bazillions of dollars. lee

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From: William Birdsall []
Sent: Monday, September 07, 2009 8:28 AM
To: lee De Cesare
Subject: ACLU


The ACLU lgbt project in NY has contacted me and wanted the details

of my story, because they are planning to push for a federal law that

prohibits workplace discrimination. I was surprised they found me and

knew about my story! I spoke with the woman who called me, and she

wants me to write up what happened to me.



Anonymous said...

Criminals like to operate in darkness, which reflects their cruel nature.
Great to read that your story will be told to a greater audience. I know your school administrators are corrupt, cruel and arrogant. I work at HCC and have witnessed illegal acts. The only thing that corrupt administrators fear is media exposure. Lee DeCesare's blog is a powerful message board for truth.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing darker than remaining anonymous, is there?

Vox Populi said...

dear jackass anonymous number TWO, anonymity (along with the FREE PRESS HELLO PRESIDENT OBAMA BAIL OUT THE FREE PRESS BROTHER) is enshrined and PROTECTED and REVERED by our Constitution. Unlike chickenshit criminals some TAKE A RISK OF ALIENATION AND INTIMIDATION AND RETRIBUTION in order to keep the world a little more balanced with decency.
anonymous... you anonymous around all you want.
BART !! This is good news. I thought we already had a workplace discrimination law, though??
ACLU is very hard to motivate but then suddenly, seemingly they will spring up ... you almost HAVE to break out of the locals because many of the ACLU locals are imbedded nazis and yes, I'm sorry but that IS true.
Tell it, bart ..
Oh, anonymous deux, you should ask SHERIFF DAVID GEE bout that anonymity thang. Seems he wasn't too 'on' to the constitution, either wanting to know and retaliate against whomever was badmouthing him on but oh well a federal judge TOLD HIM NO WAY BUCKO.
Pick up a pocket copy of the constitution. The contents would apparently STUN YOU. 995 at borders. or just key it into your search engine. moron

Anonymous said...

To the person who said, "There's nothing darker than remaining anonymous, is there?":

Hey, dummy! Read the blog. You obviously do not get what Lee has been reporting. It only takes a reading of the Erwin files or what the district has done to Steve Kemp to know that you have to stay anonymous or you will be punished or fired.

Get a clue! There are a few people like Steve Kemp and Bart Birdsall who will put their name out in the public, but the vast majority want to keep their jobs and don't want to be sent down to Professional Standards. Why is that so hard for you to understand, Dummy?

You are part of adminstration probably and hate that people can post anonymously, but if you got our names you would send us all to Professional Standards for punishment.

Anonymous said...

I have to remain anonymous to save my job. Administration thugs check out Lee's blog on a regular basis. If I posted my name, I would be out of a job very same week. I am not alone in fighting internal corruption. As soon as we find out corruption, we contact our media sources, to include Lee. We won't look the other way when workplace abuse and financial corruption exists. We are watching and reporting.

Anonymous said...

So you have to remain anonymous to save your job huh. How do you know that?

Yes you all have the right to remain anonymous. It's still dark. Darker than the darkness the criminals operate in, who at least give their names.

Anonymous said...

Okay, why don't you state your name and where you work. You are traitor to your fellow educators.

Vox Populi said...

lee, anonymous who seems to like to talk about the dark can't read. Or, perhaps he/she can read but can't ... elucidate the contents thereof.
Does anonymous know that your blog is based in america where anonymity is not only perfectly acceptable but (repeating myself) enshrined in the constitution and upheld by the Supreme Court of the land? Maybe he thinks you are blogging from TIBET.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nothing darker than remaing anonymous is an idiot. In the schools right now there is a big push for students to report crimes or bullying and the ads/posters tell them they can remain anonymous. Would this idiot want these kids to risk getting beat up by giving their names? Does he want teachers to be harassed by administrators? Why doesn't he (or maybe she) explain himself?

Anonymous said...

If you as a teacher had a student allege that you has committed a crime and you were getting slandered all over the internet with people writing "I know that that teacher is corrupt, cruel and arrogant" would you be happy to be found guilty while the student remained anonymous? Be honest, asshole.

BTW lee thanks for sticking up for me (anon deux) although you then think I'm some kid.

Did Steve Kemp lose his job? I didnt think he did. Why don't you get a clue!