Saturday, May 09, 2009

Staying on Task

When you teach children to avoid dangling modifiers, don't think they understand you the first time. You keep repeating and repeating and repeating until it sinks in. lee

Ms. Brown:

This continues our conversation from yesterday.

I have had six grandchildren in the Sarasota County school system; three are graduates. Three remain with you.

I don't think it's good for the morals of my grandchildren to see a school principal and board attorney try to trap a teacher into a Catch-22 situation so that they will have an excuse to fire her and then temporize on a judge's opinion that the schools were wrong to fire her in the first place.

This behavior is cruel and vindictive. It is not what I want my grandchildren to believe that the school authorities who tell them to be good and ethical people can use as role models. Two are in high school. They are old enough to discern what is going on. This is upsetting to a grandmother.

I look to you to lead the board in seeing that ethics do not go by the board in this situation. I want my grandchildren to grow up to be good Americans and honest, ethical people. The behavior of the lawyer and principal--and I assume the superintendent--has not been an exemplary role model for them. Please don't sit silent on the board and think you can't speak out because you will be unpopular. Think where we would be today if the Minute Men had let that excuse deter them when King George was oppressing our country. We would still be paying for the upkeep of a parasitic queen and family to this day if the patriots had not acted, popular or not.

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Anonymous said...

How disheartening to find out that all the Florida school boards are lazy, that all the Florida school districts are criminal and corrupt.

What a blow to humanity, decency, and all things good!