Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some Comments on Goader's Blog

  1. Goader–
    Because this whole situation has been exposed to the glaring light of day, the SB, Elia and buddies have no choice but to do the right thing. Do you want to go back into teaching–you seem to have the heart for it–or get outta Dodge (er, Hillsborough schools).Seems to me it’s up to you. Attorney? We need folks like you, but you need to look out for you.
    Best to you–

  2. lee drury de cesare on March 29th, 2009 12:58 am

    Goader. I was delighted to hear from the invited teachers and children at show-and-tell time in the board agenda on the 24th that there is a formal effort to instill ethics in the children in the schools.

    I was so enchanted with the sight of the board talking about ethics that I dumped my planned comments and instead said I would identify people on the board who should under no circumstances offer themselves as role models of character to children looking for people in the schools to look up to.

    I told Susan VAldes that she was no role model because she was a hypocrite who yammered about “saving the taxpayer’s dollar” after her history of blowing $50,000 dollars on jetting around the country on tax-paid board lards while poor children in the county didn’t have supplies and couldn’t participate in class as a result unless their poorly paid teachers bought them the supplies.

    I told Jennifer Falliero that she was not role model for reasons everyone knew.

    I told Dr. Lamb that he was no role model because he used board secretarial help and stationery to write Pam Iorio to mitigate the water bill at his condomenium.

    I wheeled on Ms. Elia and told her she was a bully, was a constitutional liar, was greedy, was trying to up her salary to stratospheric heights so that she could retire with a pile of pension money, and that she was cruel, framing teachers for cooked-up crimes for having a blog or speaking out on something that concerned the schools.

    I felt exhilarated with the buzzer closed me down.

    They are trying to shut me up by having the public education station edit out my appearance in the board citizen comment. They have done it for three times. The station has called me to come in so that they can prove that they didn’t edit me out. My parts are still not on the programs. I believe the station thinks I am dumb and gullible.

    I have filed and FCC charge against the station, sending the staion a copy, and asked its management for its government grants lizf so that I can challenge the funding.

    It’s extraordinary that the administration has no better sense than to call you up and ask that you not talk about certain things. That is abridgement of free speech. You need a good First Amendment lawyer to sue them for every brick in the building.

    Meanwhile, hang on to your dignity and your citizenship. The next time they call you, refer them to me. I will make them sorry they got up in the morning.



Anonymous said...

This just goes to show you the reach of the SDHC's muzzle... They DO retaliate... They DO silence... They DO deny their dissenters the right to their Bill of Rights!

Anonymous said...

Ten bucks says the CTA called Steve.

The CTA were all fired up and angry at the parents at Alafia for standing up to the principal. They felt that if parents began to feel empowered it might cause problems for teachers.

Rumor has it that Jack Davis is going to replace Yvonne Lyons as executive director. Isnt that nice?