Sunday, December 07, 2008

Second Call for Public Information

The Million Women March for Abortion Rights

Mr. Valdez:

I have received no information on my public-information query about the charge of child abuse against Steve Kemp.

I am especially interested in the responsibility of Ms. Soca and Ms. Morris, his supervisors., and Mr. Smiley, the area director, who colluded in filing the charge with the Ybor City police against Kent.

These three supervisors placed Kemp in a Severely, Profoundly Mentally Handicapped classroom without offering or providing him any prior training. Such placement required that an aide working there needed prior training, and Supervisors Morris, Sosca, and Smiley knew that to be the case.

I repeat again my public-information request for the job descriptions of the three supervisors: Ms. Morris, Ms. Sosca, and Mr. Smiley. I ask again for the area’s procedures manual’s description of the need for the teacher working in an area of severely mentally handicapped children to receive instruction from responsible supervisors before being placed in the area.

I ask for a transcript of the deliberations that required six days for the charge to be filed by Ms. Sosca, Ms. Morris, and Mr. Smiley. I ask for the written explanation of why, if Mr. Kemp were such a threat to the children he cared for in the classroom, that Ms. Morris, Ms. Sosca, and Mr. Smiley left him in that classroom for the six days they mulled filing charges against him.

I ask for the rationale for restraining such children on the buses but not in the classroom. I ask who was supposed to remove the harnesses from the bus-restrained children in the classroom but did not in this case.

I ask for email and written records referring to this case, especially including those of Ms. MaryEllen Elia and Ms. Linda Kipley. They were the two who plotted a professional-standards case against my friend and school employee Bart Birdsall in order to terrify him into silence with the implicit threat of termination so that he would not again use his right to free speech in commenting on gay rights in the community.

Mr. Kemp, I am sure, waives his right to privacy for me to have this information; I will ask him to certify my right as a citizen to have these data I request if you require it.

C: All board members

All senior administration


Anonymous said...

The big-bully system is not accustom to having to pubicly answer to it's actions.

The big-bully system cries for respect from the public, yet it gives none.

Anonymous said...


Smiley is the Area 5 ESE Specialist - not the area director (unless your info is more current). Sosca doesn't appear in the directory. What is Morris's first name?

Anonymous said...

He won't give you what you need. The district officials blatantly BREAK THE LAW everytime someone asks for public information. They simply ignore all such requests. Then, if someone calls them on it they simply claim they never received it. Everyone down at the ROSSAC building are liars, cheats, and criminals!