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I've Got Mail!

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It is shameful that these ROSSAC people get away with such horrible behavior. I hope the voters are reading your blog, so we can get some of them out!

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November 9, 2008, 10:00 pm

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The only language the ROSSAC people know is the international language (sex). It is truly a casting room couch over there, so I think the title of your blog fits. Everyone in the district knows that the people in the ROSSAC building would make any daytime soap opera or Dallas or Dynasty look like Mr. Rogers. All sorts of things are going on in ROSSAC.

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Posted by Anonymous to Lee Drury De Cesare's Casting-Room Couch at 11:29 AM

My dear reader: you have confirmed my suspicions. Dumb people resort to sex because thinking is too hard. That formula would encompass the sorts who inhabit ROSSAC.

I have read every word that Freud and Jung wrote and have some irrefutable theories on this subject.

I first became aware of the erotic arc of ROSSAC politics in the promotion of Connie Mileto to the post of chief political officer in Tallahassee despite her lack of academic credentials (kindergarten bona fides) and Dr. Hamilton's besotted attention to this munchkin of stealth and opportunism. This Mileto promotion saga records yet another datum in the "There's no fool like an old fool" theory of human relations.

Hamilton's poor wife, a principal, I understand, in the county system and a good one, retired in heartbroken defeat and divorced the old coot is my information. Apparently, gossip was rampant from the board room to the mop closets during this seamy saga .

Connie got her job with her kindergarten credentials, thanks to an old goat's besotted patronage and went up to Tallahassee to lark amongst better erotic fodder than the aging administrator who sponsored her unearned, unmerited, unexplainable promotion.

Le Connie probably was glad to escape the no-doubt ejaculo-praecox attentions of Le Hamilton for the greener pastures of the Florida legislature, with prime-of-life rube dudes from the low-IQ Panhandle and points south, elected to serve the state despite their physiological and psychological deficiencies.

Back at ROSSAC, the erotic tradition carried on with Jennifer Falliera's stalking Mart Hart, who was married and had two young children caught in his adultery crosshairs. Saying to hell with the helpless little children exposed to taking the punishment of their parents' divorce by the Pole Girl, the unheeding Jennifer plied her trade of school Jezebel, snagged poor dumbass Marc, caused him to divorce his wife, caused his two young children psyche-warping sadness, dumped Marc after the divorce, made him lose his school job to protect her "reputation," All occured whilst divorcing her own spouse--alleged to have been as a county-school coach involved in a liaison with a county-school principal. One wonders how these satyrs have time to run the schools with so much illicit sex wafting about.

Falliera did not require child support from her former husband, a sign in my view that she bargained with him not to expose the reasons for the divorce because they might tarnish her political chances to re-election in Brandon. Whoever runs against her next year should leaflet Brandon with fliers with excerpts from her divorce deposition is my advice.

Betimes, the dumbclucks on the board named Pole Girl Falliera as chair, Attorney Gonzalez, possessed of selective ethics and who participated in Mr. Erwin's crucifixion, rebuked me for calling Falliera "pole girl."

Had community parents known of Falliera's conduct, this steamy history would have made them set up a howl about her chairing a school board supposed to oversee their children's wellbeing--physical, mental, and moral, They wouldn't want their children tainted by sexual didoes at school-board headquarters by the conduct of the Pole Girl chair.
Before I die I am going to get the board members who appointed La Falliera chair on a podium in front of a crowd of voters and ask them the question of why they did so.

As a matter of record, my resigning from La Gaceta had to do with Ms. Elia's covert threat to Patrick Manteiga that she would allow Ms. Kipley and Ms. Mileto, ROSSAC's vestal virgins in residence, to sue the paper because of my oblique references to sex's being a promotional maneuver at ROSSAC.

Patrick and I were always debating diction in my column that had any whiff of sex about it. He was a liberal boss, but he held the line against sexual references. Once I had to ditch "sleep with the fishes." I couldn't convince him that it had to do with Mafia murder, not kinky sex.

I do not have the personality to trim my sails as newspapers have to do. People sue newspapers, not individual bloggers, because newspapers have libel insurance. I will eat whether I write for a newspaper or on a blog. So I resigned--to Patrick's relief I believe--and now blog under the old red, white, and blue's First Amendment.

I urged Patrick to sic the ACLU on the school board because the ACLU loves such cases of a government agency such as the school board's trying to shut down the First Amendment rights of a newspaper--especially a Hispanic one with deep roots in the county's history.

If there is such a thing as Hispanic royalty in the area, it is the
La Gaceta Manteigas. The grandfather of Patrick, an intellectual who was a reader in an Ybor-City cigar factory, got kicked out of his job because the factory owners feared he would educate the workers about their right to organize. He then started La Gaceta because the downtown bigoted Angloes wouldn't print the Hispanic news in their flossy papers.

God help the school people who would sue La Gaceta. The area's Hispanics would make them sorry they got up in the morning.

I picked Casting-Room-Couch for my blog name because of this history; you are astute to spot that possibility. I bet Elia rues the day she tried to extort Manteiga. My blog is free of any editing whatsoever. So I can write about sexual dalliance if it strikes me as appropriate. I exposed Falliera for hurting those two little children of Hart's. What's a granny for if not to call out a woman who hurts little children with her selfish sexual indulgences and whom elected officials like those on the school board reward with the chairship of the board despite this vile behavior? To add the icing to the cake of this tale is that Falliera claims to be a born-again Christian and opposes sex education.

I think what we monitors of ROSSAC vigilant about is the possibility of the purchase of a railroad tank of IV Viagra for the failing libidos in y-chromosome ROSSAC ranks. We must not let the Viagra purchase evade us by rolling by on the Consent Agenda cover-up.

Then we can go on a tear of indignation, march on the board en
masse, and throw jell0-filled condoms at the podium pillars of hypocrisy during citizen-comment time.

I can hardly wait, but I don't know what to wear to condom-tossing event. I have yet to attend one.


c: all board members

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It is shameful that these ROSSAC people get away with such horrible behavior. I hope the voters are reading your blog, so we can get some of them out!