Sunday, September 21, 2008

You Never Run Out of Cess Pools to Clean Up at the School Board

Juliet's Balcony Courtyard

Folks: I am going to wade into the topic of the Professional Standards Office as the in-house Gestapo to keep Elia or whichever figurehead is superintendent in power. The board and the attorney know what is going on with Professional Standards: it is the Cell Block that punishes anybody who protests unless they protest loud enough and persistently enough that they earn themselves a Teflon zoot suit with their courage. Bart Birdsall did that, and I am proud of him for doing so.

Gonzalez promised me three times to construct a pamphlet for teachers going into Professional Standards that would outline the measures they could take to protect their rights. He lied. The people who go into Linda Kipley's lair get treated like dogs and the board and Gonzalez knows this. It's the dirty little enforcement arm of the superintendent's office.

One think I consider vital: not only must the head of Professional Standards have a suitable degree--and that would not be Kipley's Home-Ec bona fides--but that the person have a psychiatric evaluation before stepping into the job. lee

If you have any thoughts on my approach to this Don Quixote quest, tell them to me. A hundred heads are better than one. lee

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It is funny how you like that picture of Juliet with the guy in the background grabbing her breast!