Tuesday, September 09, 2008

If It Can Happen in Miami, It Can Happen in Hillsborough County

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Miami Schools Chief to Leave Amid Discord

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Published: September 8, 2008


Anonymous said...

The Superintendent here should step down and leave. It would be better off for everyone. No one likes her except the school board. Parents can't stand her. Teachers can't stand her. Most students don't know who she is, but if they kept up with the administrative decisions they would be mad at her. I suppose one positive in her is that she must have a very thick skin, because it is hard to go through life with everyone hating you. She has that problem.

Anonymous said...

Elia apologized to a parent at the recent town hall meeting out in Brandon. A little girl was dropped off at a bus stop when she wasn't supposed to take the bus home, and bus drivers aren't supposed to drop off a kindergartener unless a parent is there to meet the child. The mother rushed home after trying to pick her up and found her daughter crying. When the mother confronted Elia at the town hall meeting, Elia actually apologized and said it shouldn't have happened. There are a LOT of things that shouldn't have happened in Hillsborough's schools, and in a way Elia was apologizing for her incompetence. She needs to apologize to everyone in the county, not just this mother, but at least she is starting to realize how incompetent she is. Maybe she will step down one day so that the county will no longer suffer under her care.

Anonymous said...

Does Elia have a twin? SCARY thought!!!!!