Friday, August 29, 2008

Good Advice from a Reader

I wholly agree with this reader below's insights. Teachers have enough votes to elect board candidates. If each teacher makes his or her family a little election pod that goes to the polls and votes for the candidate that will replace the present board member, that is the direction to go to get a better deal for teachers and students. This current board has shown that it does not count students and teachers as important; it counts only itself, its board privileges and eclat, and Ms. Elia's dictates as important. And everybody knows how down on teachers and students Elia is. The election box is the way to get rid of the bad board members, Elia and her pots-and-pans Professional Standards sadist Kipley.

This approach goes not only for this current election but for every election until teachers have made themselves into a political force that can impact who sits on the board. Only when you can kick them out of office will board members such as sit on the board now pay attention to you. We deal with politicians, not with humanitarians.

If I lived in Hillsborough County, I would vote for Steve Gorham, not because he will be perfect but because he will be better than Kurdell.

I was in Tampa last night in my old neighorborhood for a final-night convention party. I worked on two women to run for the board against Olson. Somebody who knows
Brandon people, find a candidate out there to run against Falliera. I will do everything I can to expose her immoral behavior as a board member who initiated an affair with a ROSSAC administrator, Mark Hart, catalzyed his divorce, made his two children suffer, and sat by in her new appointment as board chair that her board member buddies gave her dispite her school-site adultery and watched while Hart was fired on a trumped-up charge to saver Falliera's "reputation."

Maybe Fred can run again against Lamb; and maybe a candidate will turn up to challenge Ms. Edgecombe. Susan and April are collaborators, but if they had just one strong member on the board, they would follow him or her.


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Everyone get out and vote for Gorham in November to get rid of Kurdell. Then, when it is time for Candy Olson to run again in a couple of years people need to vote for whoever runs against her. There's nothing we can do about Lamb since he had no opponent this time around. Like Lee says these 3 were on the board when Erwin needed their help and they allowed people to ignore the Whistle Blower Act. This is criminal behavior that they condone when they do not act. I hear that Candy's husband is a judge. Her unethical behavior should upset her husband. Make sure to get out and vote. It is the only way things will change. The school board members have proven that they care nothing about taxpayer dollars, they care nothing about doing the right thing or having ethical behavior. They are all about keeping the status quo, getting jobs for friends, and doing whatever Elia tells them to do. What point is there in having a school board? All they do is nod their heads in agreement with whatever Elia says. So why bother having a board. Let's just get rid of the board and let Elia have a free for all.

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Anonymous said...

Someone needs to send this blog address to every school board in the country to show the rest of the country what a joke Hillsborough's Schools are. They keep winning nonsense awards for this and that, but insiders know it is just because they put names of districts in a hat and pull one out.

We should send this address all over. Get online and find email addresses of other districts, other governors (along with ours), the Education Commissioner and tell them to read this blog!