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Ms. Faliero: I write in response to your message below.
I have observed you to be a Board member who colludes with the administration in terrorizing the school family into acquiescence by supporting Linda Kipley's Abu Gharib Professional Standards gauntlet.

There is nothing professional about that office. It is an instrument of the administration to keep school employees in line so that it can continue to wield power over others, especially the financial power of the purse of taxes that the school system gets from the public.

Ms.Elia catalyzed a witch hunt against Bart Birdsall because he opposed the exclusion of gays from the county library and wrote emails from his home on his sentiments. Ms. Elia was doing a favor to some buddy at the County by putting the screws to Bart via her Lucco Brazzi Kipley. Ms. Kipley's function, one infers, is to terrorize and humiliate school employees to keep them abased so that the administration gets no negative publicity. Kipley terrorized and humiliated Bart as she has terrorized and humiliated many others in that job. Bart found the experience with Kipley with Ms. Elia's backup and the union's collusion so traumatic that he has gone to counseling.

One notes that Ms. Elia's sentiments favor the bigots of the community: the homophobes, the rednecks who opposed Muslim holidays, and most recently homophobia again in the student-parent notification issue, an issue on which you and La Elia did an obscene little pas de deux in which you leafleted all the bigots in your Rolodex. They didn't show up, one notes. But the kids against notification turned out in force.

Elia's mind is not large. She does not have the intellectual and cultural breadth to lead a school system; yet you played along if not collaborated with lowering the degree requirement for the job to her level and hired her despite other finalists' all surpassing her preparation to be superintendent. What could be more injurious than hiring the worst candidate--noxious to the students, the faculty, all the people who clean the bathrooms and mop the floors, the entire school family--not mention trusting taxpayers who rely on Board members to keep their interests uppermost in superintendent selection? Talk about destructive tactics, you make me look like an amateur.

If I compared you to a potted plant in the past, that was a mistake. I should have compared you to a volunteer to the Jewish Councils in Poland during WWII, who supervised the incarceration of other Jews in the death camps. They did the paper work for the Nazis. I should have said that you would have done bed checks for the Nazis if you were in Auschwitz to curry favor with the Nazi guards. Goebbels would have pinned a medal on you. He was the propaganda chief married to the nutty woman who killed her six beautiful children before committing suicide with her equally nutty husband shortly after Hitler committed suicide. Frau Goebbels could not imagine a world without der fuehrer. There are people floating around like that in the Bay Area. Some work in ROSAC.

You rubberstamped the hiring of buddies and sycophants for the $100,000-plus jobs in the administration. Maybe you weren't directly involved in Kipley's going from making b├ęchamel sauce in home-ec class to the principalship of HHS and from thence to the Professional Standards sinecure with no competition. But you would have gone along with it were you on the Board at the time of those outrages. You didn't grease the path of Connie Mileto into a $120,000 lobbyist job with kindergarten credentials during a time when the halls of ROSAC reverberated with gossip about the unorthodox way she whizzed past other candidates with better credentials. But I believe you were on the Board when Heggarty got his job despite not having a major credential cited and whose writing was such that he is unable to serve as an adequate ghost writer for Elia, who's marginally literate in that she has no idea where to put a comma or how to make a pronoun agree with an antecedent. Elia picked Heggarty despite every single finalist in Heggarty's job's beating him in credentials. I think Elia thought his reporter history would immunize her to bad press.

But you didn't say diddly when Ms. Elia concocted a make-work job for Hamilton at $132,000 recently and put the Jimbo's name on it before the job was even on the books. I asked you once why you allowed unfair hiring since it violates all rules of equal opportunity. Your response: that the Board could not do a thing about it since its members hired Elia but that she hired the staff. Say what? A Board member can corner Ms. Elia and say, "Listen, Maryellen, if you don't stop creating jobs for your buddies at $132,000 a pop to the taxpayers and if you don't stop passing high-paying jobs around to buddies and sycophants, I am going to make it my business to bring the issue up time and time again until the Board fires you.

Your not doing so represents another Auschwitz bed-check citation for you, Jennifer. You are a natural collaborator with whomever in your zone you identify as the source of power. Goebbels would have patted you on your empty little head every time he ran into you in the death camps.

I spotted you early as unfit for the Board. When you were contemplating hiring the new superintendent I asked you at Tiger Bay if you would require the candidates' terminal theses as part of the employment application. You said you couldn't see that the theses of the candidates had a thing to do with the job. That's when I knew you were a dimwit, not fitted for a place on the Board.

I would still like to see Dr. Hamilton's thesis. I asked for it once when he spoke at Tiger Bay. He claimed he didn't even remember what it was about. Had he written it, he would remember what it was about. Writing a thesis for a Ph.D. is a taxing job. Of course, there are many in administrations across the country, including the Bay Area, who bought their thesis. I could make that distinction by the forensics of Dr. Hamilton's ridiculous lucubration on what new Board members should know and the style of his thesis if you will ask him to produce it. One's writing is as individual as a fingerprint. Dr. Johnson said, "Let me hear the man speak so that I may know his mind."

I not only write, Jennifer; I talk too. I will be glad to show up in person for colloquy with the Board. But I don't accept cut-off at the mike. Give me an open mike and my bare brains,and I will mop up the floor with you and everybody else on the other side of the mike. Count on it, my dear
lee drury de cesare

From: Jennifer Faliero []
Sent: Thursday, March 08, 2007 7:19 PM
To: lee decesare
Cc: Stephen Hegarty; MaryEllen Elia;
Subject: Re: FW: FW: Is the Education Foundation Underwriting Job Discrimination at the

When I first was elected to the school board in 2002, I read your emails and took your messages seriously. You offered me several tips on grammar that I use. You corrected some of my writing and rightfully so. You have a lot to offer other than grammar usage. You claim to be for the underdog, that you support women in positions of power and boast of the progress you made in the police department. So, my question to you is why do you tear me down? You refer to me as potted plant; you compared me to a Nazi wife who gave her children then herself cyanide and died in a bunker with her children. You will win in a writing war every time; but something I have noticed is you will not engage in these destructive tactics so vehemently in person. You are someone who hides behind the pen.

Over the years your delivery has lost its effectiveness. Mostly because of the faulty insinuations and personal insults you hurl at me and other inncocent people. You are disrespectful and mean to people. You don't need these theatrics. You are clearly a worldly, mature woman who can make a difference. If you want me to take you seriously, find the caring woman I see in photographs and in person; go back to your southern roots and clean up your act. Enough is enough.

Jennifer Faliero, Vice-Chair
Hillsborough County Public Schools
School Board Member, District 4
813.272.4052 (School Board Office)
813.740.4549 (Fax)
813.662.3644 (District 4 Office)

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