Monday, December 11, 2006

From: Lee De Cesare []
Sent: Sunday, December 17, 2006 6:28 PM
To: 'Jack Lamb'
Subject: RE:

Dr. Lamb: Please vote against the recommendation of the second student-club committee to notify parents of club membership. Ms. Elia rejected the first committee's recommendation not to notify parents and succumbed to the homophobes' pressure to reject the first committee's recommendations and form a second committee with the complaining bigots as members.

The sadism of the second committee contaminates its recommendation: the homophobes want the parents of gay children to know that they are gay. All parents don't know. If they do, they kick out their children of the house into the streets. That is a most unlovely reason to ratify this second committee's suggestion.

Poor Bart Birdsall ran for the School Board against an incumbent simply to bring attention to the suffering of the gay children in the public schools. His parents--who, dear people, accepted his gayness--paid his filing fee. God bless the boy for doing this deed for the cause of gay humanity.

The School Board has ignored this problem for years. Helping Bart and Jane Boles, the mother of a gay son at my old alma mater, HHS, was what brought the School Board to my attention. I personally ran Dr. Lennard down in the hall after Tiger Bay to commit him to addressing the savaging of gay students. He promised he would. Then he didn't.

The Board doesn't appoint ethical people as superintendent. They appoint the worst motivated of the in-house power seekers. The School Board is as bad at the Board at HCC when I taught there for 28 years. The president before the present one, Ambrose Garner, chased secretaries around the desk. I was ostracized because I helped one of the women get an attorney to oppose Garner's harassment of her.

What ails a Board--either at HCC or in the public schools--that it lets the administration flatter it into acquiescence with hideous policies like this situation that Ms. Elia has maneuvered to propitiate the homophobes by punishing gay children by outing them to their often hostile parents? This phenomenon is simply sicko.

Don't support this cruelty, Dr. Lamb. It is un-Christian. I mean that accusation. Jesus would not approve of savaging gay children. He said, "suffer little children"; he didn't say "suffer little heterosexual children."

Vote against Ms. Elia's recommendation on the club issue and see that the people who want to comment on it get a chance to do so. If the administration refutes your request, call on the Board attorney for precedent. He is the Board's attorney, not the administration; and a clever one can always find a footnote in legal lore to justify doing what's right.

Don't let your long-term incumbency render you inhumane. Do what's right and protect the gay children from more punishment.

lee drury de cesare

From: Jack Lamb []
Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2006 1:12 PM
Subject: Re:

Sorry--Don't remember nor have copy of the e mail.

Jack R. Lamb, Ed.D.
School Board Member
District 3
Hillsborough County Public Schools

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deepcover said...

As a parent I am incensed that you would paint such a stereotype to support your position! I guess the last 10-20 years of having this issue in front of us has done nothing. Will another 20 years do anything? I submit that nothing short of bondage will prevent the small percentage of cruel parents from responding in the fashion you suggest. Let the courts take care of them. I prefer to think that those who find out from the school that their child is gay will use the opportunity in a much more charitable fashion – or have we wasted all this time? Additionally, any child who fears their parent’s reaction will not “officially” join but will no doubt get the necessary info from their gay friends who do join. Those courageous enough to join knowing they'll be outed will learn a valuable life lesson. Those who only join for the “shock” factor will come calling on you for protection and you will have wasted valuable resources on “Peter and Patty Wolf.”