Friday, November 24, 2006

Ms. Steins: Can you use "chair" or "chairperson" for the cause of women's slow trudge to equality? Using "man" as standard implies women are less than standard. Dr. Lamb, take the plunge in linguistic equality and use "chair" as your title. If you don't your granddaughters will call you an old sexist puff of flatulence. Ms. Faliera, you do not work as hard as teachers or others in the school system do. And your comments on the Board show you incapable of thinking at the pre-school level. When is the last time you spent your weekends grading student papers? Why don't you propose that Board members get their own nuclear deterrent and a retreat in Bali? It's only taxpayers' money, fa la la. Ms. Griffin, thank you for your concern for the proletariat. What's happened to the bus drivers' salaries? We know that Ms. Elia is doing swimmingly on $252,000 sans ability to punctuate and sans ethics to come clean with the Board on her mess-ups, but what about the people at the bottom? Why is the Board dealing with deportment on the buses? Isn't that Dr. Hamilton's new job as bus czar? The last the public knew after the Board rubber-stamped a make-work job for this old layabout without bothering to advertise it for open application--so much for equal opportunity, he had hired with $132,000 in tax dollars a flossy consulting firm to help him figure out the brain-busting chore of making the buses run on time. There are school boards across the country who do the job as a public service. God forbid that idea ever occurred to this Board. lee drury de cesare

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