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Job Scams Run by the Hillsborough County School Board and Crucifixion of Student Renee Anderson

Board-and-Administration Job Ripoffs


(Renee's ordeal detailed in the previous post)


Renee Anderson, Student Victim of Board and Administration SADISM
(Renee's story appears in the previous post.)

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The below comment by a reader adds another dimension to the discussion of board performance. This reader information suggests that the reason that Ms. Edgecomb ran for the board was to protect her daughter’s career.

Edgecomb has one goal and that is to not make trouble for her daughter who is an Assistant Principal or maybe now a Principal. Whenever someone does or doesn't do something it is usually for personal gain. In this case she is protecting her daughter. Supposedly, her daughter worked under a principal who got arrested for drugs on campus. Word on the street is that Edgecomb's daughter knew about this and should have reported it but didn't. Corruption lives on!

It certainly wasn’t the Edgecomb goal to help black children.

Jack Lamb also has a daughter in the school administration, I believe. Candy Olson is reputed to arrange jobs for people to make herself feel important and to collect chits she can later redeem for favors.

Jack Lamb usually sits on the board dais in oblivious torpor. The only time I saw him wake up was when I criticized him for using school stationary and clerical help to write a letter to the mayor to lower his condo's water bill. He rose from his seat and would have vaulted the desk to pummel me had he not been too fat for the project. He yelled at me to stay on my side of the bay (I live on the beach) as if I were a wetback swimming in from Mexico.

While Ms. Edgecomb guards her daughter's job, Elia invents jobs to solve personnel problems. She created a job for Alafia principal Smith to get her to resign because Alafia parents would no longer allow her to be in charge of their children. The usually somnolent newspapers were covering the fracas 24-7. The board and administration can't stand bad publicity. It threatens their lockdown of the power of running the schools with the huge state budget entailed.

So Elia sent as diplomatic team GED Griffin and Motel Breath Falliero out to Alafia to convince Smith to resign in swap for a manufactured job paying her the same principal's salary and benefits with no duties.

GED Griffin suffers the delusion that she is a superior diplomat, so she undertook this under-the-radar mission to Smith with, since election, ousted board member Jennifer Motel Breath Falliero to convince Smith to quit her job and take a ghost job Elia would create for her.

What Griffin engaged in was not diplomacy; it was sneaking, lying, and sticking the taxpayers with paying for a ghost job while violating the Sunshine Law. That's undermining taxpayers, not working for them.

Bismark's reputation is safe.

The board and administration routinely give no-bid contracts to former administrators. Tom Gonzalez manufactured a new law that says this no-bid scam is legitimate. Pulling laws out of hats or twisting them to fit the board's skulduggery explains why Gonzalez gets the highest pay of any board lawyer in the state--$275,000 a year despite his not being to write literate prose. He is also uncivilized: He chomps chips and slurps cola on the dais during business proceedings despite a sign that says "No food and drink in board room." He thinks he is immune to the law just like members of the Gestapo did. My Southern mother would say Gonzalez was raised in a barn.

Griffin is not the brightest crayon in the GED box, but she was idealistic when she first arrived on the board. Alas, she lacked wit and spunk sufficient to tell Olson and Kurdell that she served the public, not the staff, when the two barked that Griffin was being "disloyal to the staff" by asking for a no-bid contract to come off the Consent Agenda for discussion. Griffin lacks courage and leadership snap. So distressed did this Kurdell-Olson assault render Griffin that she curled up into the fetal position and has never unwound since except to do Ms. Elia’s bidding.

This coward's rollover, alas, has occurred in every new board member so far. They cave in and take on the herd instinct. That's what happened to Nazi Germany when Hitler committed atrocities in the German people's name. Any school denizen who resists gets frozen out by Elia et al and wants to come in out of the cold must roll over. A renegade who wants to work for the citizens and students must have character enough to withstand hostility.

We all wait for a board member to stand up to Elia and the two board harpies Kurdell and Olson. We yearn for a board hero. One should not hold his or her breath, sad to say. I doubt that new member Stacy White will play Batman to Elia's Joker in ROSSAC Gotham City. I never heard of a druggist who wore tights and drove a Batmobile.

Board-and-administration hiring scams perquisite for board and superintendent allow no-talent relatives and buddies, any stray hangers-on, plus out-of-work layabouts to get jobs in the schools. That's the fact that the evidence supports.

Elia hired buddy former assistant superintendent Jim Hamilton after he retired to hustle his consulting firm's clients among schools he had been in contact with in his years of mooching off taxpayers as a high-level administrator despite never having learned the difference between “your” and “you’re.” He was one of the ROSSAC incomptents on the oversight committee of ROSSAC colluders who rubberstamped the faulty buildiings as ok even though, for instance, of the Blake High School's building that leaked like a sieve. In fact, between his retirement and his departure from the Elysian fields of ROSSAC, Elia created him a bridge job lasting several months so that he continued attached to the umbilical cord to the taxpayers to get paid although retired. A deep throat told me that his name appeared on this ersatz job before it even went on the books. There was a penciled-in caret on the school Web site with Hamilton's name interpolated after Otero's. The villains are so sure of getting away with their scams that they don't even bother not being clumsy.

The marginally literate Hamilton got his Hillsborough County lobbying slot without Elia’s justifying it with a needs study or, indeed, any justification. The board's attitude was "Whatever." God forbid that the board cared enough to demand a needs study for one of these superfluous buddy jobs that soak taxpayers.

I wrote the University of Florida president and his wife-never underestimate the power of curtain lectures--to complain about the premier university in Florida's allowing a man who couldn't get homophones "your" and "your" straight to purloin a Ph.D. from the thesis committee by skullduggery or graft. I said the university had no right to loose such specimens as Hamilton into the school system. I based my letter to UF president on Le Hamilton's ill-structured, ill-worded, badly punctuated white paper for the board in which he advised its members on professional attire (I am not making this up) when he goes galumphing around looking like an unmade bed.

If new board member Stacy White wanted to leave his name as board history's hero who helped cleaned crooked board policies, he would invoke Roberts Rules and move that the board must post on its Web site any new job; its description; the venues where it got advertising; the names of the applicants; and their resumes. There would be across the board syncope at this suggestion because putting jobs, their qualifications, applicants and their qualifications for the job would end the scam of passing out jobs to the unfit. Dr. Stevens, Ph.D., computers could coach ROSSAC computer illiterati how to do this task. Our druggist board member could bring in a bushell of Xanax to pass out before the deed went into effect or sodium pentathal for the hard cases.

A few respirations past their entering office, new board members roll over and assume board group think. They are henceforth Elia's automatons. Whatever she says is gospel to them. Zeig heil.

I heard “you’re” “your” Hamilton’s Tallahassee lobbyist pay clocked in between $64,000 and $94,000 a year. That’s buddy pay that doesn't come out of Ms. Elia’s pocket but that of taxpayers. So it's hey nonny nonny to her.

The heartbroken Hamilton wife, a principal--a good one by repute, quit her job, fled upstate, and divorced the old coot. Then when Mileto got the job in Tallahassee nailed down with younger legislative prospects to stalk, Hamilton limped away, and his faithful wife re-married the old rascal.

"Dr." Hamilton had pushed through before he retired then-doxie Connie Mileto’s candidacy for the senior administrative Tallahassee position despite her being an "Eency Weency Spider" kindergarten teacher. This was one of those There’s-no-fool-like-an-old-fool sagas with La Mileto's having in addition to her kindergarten certificate a PH.D in dazzling a dopey dotard to climb the ladder to a job for which she lacked credentials.

Everybody in the school system knew about this passion-passion spent tale. At its height even janitors discussed it in mop closets and grounds keepers vetted it while smoothing turf lumps.

Always a mystery to me was how Le Hamilton attracted any female attention at all. One infers that his hygiene protocols are the same as those of knights of the road and observes that he spray-spits when he attempts to pronounce sibilants. He looks like he slept in his clothes. His suits are rump-sprung, bag low, and contain nothing. He galumphs around in a lurching shuffle. I never saw him pick his nose, but I wouldn't put it past him.

A candidate with a political science or history degree should have gotten the job Mileto snagged as ROSSAC kindergarten Mata Hari. Thanks to Ms. Elia’s now hiring the old dope Hamilton for the unneeded Tallahassee lobbying job duplicating duties which Mileto’s job is supposed to cover, Hamilton and Mileto reunite in Tallahassee as a reignited lobbying pas de deux. They reign the Heloise and Abelard of the lobbying racket.

Hamilton's job's being handed to him without Elia's advertising it violates the drumbeat board mantra of "We are an equal-employment-opportunity employer." I have heard Tom Gonzalez opine that the schools aren't liable to the equal-opportunity laws. That was when he hinted at suing me for extortion, and I told him he knew he couldn't not only because of the First Amendment but also because of the SLAPP law.

I guess this lobbying sinecure means Hamilton's poor wife, who one hears had been fool enough to remarry the old goat, will now have to divorce him again.

Because the administration and board couldn’t tolerate the bad Alafia publicity by the usually somnolent press, Elia sent Lie-about-educational-credentials GED Griffin and former board member Motel-breath Jennifer Falliero out to Alafia to a secret rendezvous with Smith to lure her to resign her job with the understanding that Elia would create an empty job but at full principal pay and benefits as compensation equal to the Alafai principal perch.

It says something about GED Griffin's brain power that she agreed to accompany La Motel Breath Falliero despite Falliero's having threatened to kick Griffin out of the board room because Griffin said something Falliero didn't like when the latter chaired the board.

The board's unanimous vote had made La Motel Breath chair of the Hillsborough County School Board despite their all knowing of her long-term on-site adultery with Community Affairs head Marc Hart. The administration finally fired him to keep him away from the ravening Jennifer. Board members showed how much they valued the board and parents' concern that their children have ethical role models at school when they voted the resident adulteress as board chair.

The false-job offer worked. Smith took the pretend job. She is sitting somewhere in the book depository, feet on the desk now, paring her nails.

During Elia's empty job creations for the likes of Hamilton and Smith, she balances her budget on the backs of the helpless at the bottom of the pay scale. A reader writes me this:

Governor Scott has invited Supt. Elia from Hillsborough County to be his advisor so to speak about education as the SDHC has been so successful! What has been kept quiet is that all support personnel such as paraprofessionals, bus drivers, etc. must take a mandatory 3 day pay cut and still work them because the coffers have run dry. Talk about mismanagement! The union is doing nothing about it of course. Because of the economy, no one dares stand up! They always go after the weakest.

So bad the situation got at Hillsborough High under Linda Kipley's principalship that the faculty wouldn't attend meetings in her office without a recorder so persistent were Kipley's lies. The superintendent, then Earl the Pearl Lennard, didn't fire Kipley as he should have but switched her to head of Professional Standards at a higher job level and higher pay. This maneuver proved teacher shibboleth that "if you mess up, you move up."

Kipley has a home-ec degree. College cooking sheepskins sunsetted in the Pleistocene Era in the valid academic world, yet Kipley occupies a vital, extravagantly paid position that requires a psychology or criminal justice degree--or at least some degree with more academic heft than a home ec certificate.

The job description says head of Professional Standards requires a master’s-degree, but Ms. the administration ignored the formula for a creature who would do the dirty work of filing false charges against teachers to keep them scared and mum.

That was the maneuver
Kipley pulled off on my friend Bart Birdsall. He spoke out in the community against strictures put on gays’ use of county libraries passed by then Hillsborough County Commissioner Rhonda Storms. Bart immediately found himself in the tentacles of the Professional Standards gulag.

The power the quiescent board yields to Ms. Elia means that she can overrule any education prerequisite such as a master's for the head of Professional Standards. So enamoured is Eilia with power that people crawl out on all fours when leaving her office in deference to her lust for obeisance.

La Elia was reputed to schedule early-morning conferences with low-level employees to discomfit them as much as possible by the early hour and cursed them out in street argot during these interviews. I wrote her a letter asking if this rumor were true: no answer. No response. Elia's ghost writer must have been out with the mumps. So I asked La Eliar directly in a board meeting about the bruited information that she cursed out low-level people in her office. She didn't raise her head. But I heard no more tales of early-morning curse-0uts of her of lower-level employees.

The superintendent gets away with outrageous conduct because nobody questions her. Certainly not the board: they are her bosses and can fire her. But the whole board, including the guys, are terrified of this small, dumpy woman of no appreciable talent except chutzpah.

Not only does La Elia tell school employees what to do but also tells her gutless board bosses where to get off. The board is supposed to make policy, and Elia is supposed to carry it out. Elia does both. So feeble is board members' grasp of their job, its scope and its duties, that members do not know what they should do and should not do or how to do either.
When something unusual comes up on the board, all eyes swing to Elia's chair.

After about two weeks delay had given personnel honcho Valdez time to fake one, I got a copy of the job description of the Smith faux job. Then I asked who inhabited the job before Smith: no answer. Nobody could have inhabited a job that did not exist.

It’s always Alice-in-Wonderland time in ROSSAC country, which exists on the other side of the looking glass. east of the sun and west of the moon, over the rainbow, and in the environs of Something Flew Over the Cucoo's Nest,

QED: the Smith job is an out-of-thin-air job devised by Elia at taxpayer expense that cuts into the meagre pay of the lowest paid in the system cited above by my reader to solve a bad-publicity problem by ponying up an unneeded job for Smith. And also for granting a empty lobbying job for Lady Killer Your-you're Hamilton. Board members don’t care enough about taxpayers' interests to stop the board Consent Agenda's rolling past, lift off the bogus job for scrutiny, and demand from Elia the needs study and other justification for the new job. Board members are too scared of Elia and too contemptuous of taxpayers to do that.

Any board member who questions things gets the pounding that GED Griffin got from Carol Kurdell and Candy Olson when Griffin, in the first throes of idealism after she joined the board, asked that a non-bid contract to a former administratior come off the Consent Agenda for scrutiny. This request raised the hackles of the board’s two resident monitor crones, who guard the ancient tradition of wrongdoing that comprises what Ms. Edgecomb in one of her rhetorical flights into the nut regions of the stratosphere calls “institutional memory.” The crones gave Griffin a tongue lashing, accusing her of “being disloyal to the staff.”

If Griffin had a lick of sense and a modicum of guts, she would have stood up, glared down the board dais at her two torturers, and shot back, "I am not working for the staff; I am working for the students and taxpayers."

There is always hope when a new member arrives at the board that he or she will emerge a swashbuckler for justice. The ubiquitous prayer is that not only does the new member have brains but also has chutpah. Mr. White is under scrutiny. I do not intuit leadership potential there. We are going to have to make do with his beguiling dimple, I fear.

Would the fates have decreed that the dimpled darling have both dimple and Lancelotian bravery. We can only hope that he will emerge a champion of right and justice. We will not hold our breath.

The appointment of the no-bid former administrator that Griffin called off the agenda went back on the rolling Consent Agenda after approval of the smirkingly triumphant board majority five to two, Griffin and Valdes dissenting. I believe if there were a leader on the board that these two would follow that leader. But they can't themselves lead. They are not made of the right stuff for leaderhip.

The unspoken rule is that administrators never gets punished no matter what they do; but teachers even have stuff made up against them for punishment. For example, that Ms. Elia's vice principal daughter was supposed to know about drug activities of a superior and kept mum. If a teacher had failed to report the situation--as was Edgecomb‘s daughter’s case, that teacher would be the object of a lightening-fast Professional Standards Gestapo shake down and out the door on unemployment compensation before you could say “administrative perks.” But since the culprit was daughter of a board member, well then, that is a different kettle of fish.

To rescue Edgcombe Junior, there would occur a major reshuffling of data and an obscuring of the facts so slick that even Sherlock Holmes would be nonplussed. Indeed that was what occurred: major reshuffling and obscuring facts that made Sherlock throw up his hands and tell Dr. Watson to get him a vodka and tonic, heavy on the vodka.

And nobody expects the CTA to raise a pinkie--not in this geological age, not in this postlapsarian era. Prevailing wisdom is that CTA exists cheek by jowel with administration. CTA members would be better off banking their CTA dues to hire an attorney if they needed one when the administration frames them with a Professional Standards charge.

In the drug dust-up, the Edgecomb offspring enjoyed not only the tradition of never punishing administrators in any situation; but she also benefitted as well from the protection of being a board member's child.

Board attorney Tom Gonzalez must have temporarily ceased slurping soda and chomping chips on the podium and rushed to dip into his mouthpiece bag of tricks to construct a footnote to a footnote to make Elia’s daughter not only guiltless for covering up a dangerous drug situation in the schools but also for having an obligatory Nobel nomination for Elia's child signed by all board and administration sent to the Stockholm Nobel Foundation by private jet paid for by Florida taxpayers, bien sur. The senders will have have only recently learned what a Nobel is.

Since the significant way that the board and administration keep teachers oppressed is job threats via the Professional Standards gauntlet, I asked for files on teachers’ Professional Standards charges: I got a stack. I asked for administrator files with Professional Standards charged lodged against them: zilch.

Thus the board and administration have evolved Gestopo ethos to keep teachers silent with a targeted program of Professional Standards charges, making them fear losing their jobs. This sicko sadistic power gives the board and administration control of teachers’ ability to earn a livelihood. This power renders teachers terrified and mute. The situation ranks an offense to the human spirit.

The head of Professional Standards is Linda Kipley, whom I have observed wearing see-through plastic baby dolls on the job. Wearing plastic see-through baby as work footware is such gaucherie that it qualifies as firing offense. You just know in your bones that when La Linda was principal at Hillsborough High but so dishonest that teachers refused to go into a conference with her unless equipped with a recorder so likely is Kipley to lie that La Linda's trashy see-through babydolls served objective correlaative for her ethics.

The Professional Standards head job got no advertising, besmirching the the board mantra that it is “an equal-employment-opportunity employer.” This lack of competition for jobs violates Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and violates as well the federal contracts that the school has that require affirmative action plans for disabled people and equal-opportunity protocols. There are no affirmative action plans extant; I asked. There is no obedience to Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

I asked for affirmative action plans because a job for accountant opened up and had a number of applicants, one being handicapped. I reviewed the application files. Four applicants, including the handicapped applicant, had the accounting degree and the experience called for in the job description. But of these qualified people, none got the job.

Guess who did? Mr. Linda Kipley, of course. And guess what credentials he had for the job? Not one. He had a high school diploma, period. I take that gift of a job for Le Kipley to be due to his wife's doing the Professional Standards dirty work of filing false charges against teachers to keep them terrified and not intrepid enough to fight vicious, unfair discrimination.

Thank God the patriots who rebelled against the repression of King George were fighters. Had they shown the lack of spirit that the county teachers display, we would still be an English colony. Every generation has to renew its liberty. Every group must guard its honor. Every generation has to face down the buggers.

Such abysmal distortion of the authority to hire the most qualified people--not buddies, family, pets, sycophants, and flatterers---to work for the taxpayers flummoxes one. What vaulting sense of distortion for the authority one holds in the name of the taxpayers can account for such behavior? I believe that it comes from years and years of the school board's not being held accountable for its vicious behavior. Most ignore this behavior. Most ignore the school board.

People don't pay attention to the school board even though in every opinion poll they aver that education is the most important thing a voter must consider. Even though they will never soar into the upper reaches of the Stanford Binet, the C and D students that people the board and administration caught on early to this lack of oversight years ago and exploited it.

Ambitious local politicians don't start their political careers at the school board. If they want to go to Tallahassee eventually, they start at the County Commission or even the Tampa City Council, Those who run for the school board are phlegmatic lifers. Getting on the board and remaining there until the end of time is their idea of heaven.

That nobody cares what the school board does, not the press, not the public, frees the board lifers to exult in their power over billions of tax dollars and the unchallenged right to hire unqualified people and only those qualified by their relationship to the board and administration. These unchallenged privileges against the common good have made the school administration a bailiwick of bad behavior with no concern except for its denizens' petty power and privilege eked out over years of public and press lack of oversight. They persevere to scheme and fight to preserve their booty, the retaining of power over the billions of tax dollars that inhere to the school-board-and-and administration rackets and the right to hire misfits, tra la la.

The lack of voter interest and voter oversight yields a sense of Olympian privilege to board and administration to act majestically capricious with self-reference as sole gauge. They feel no compunction about not acting for the good of the community in such ways as Ms. Edgecomb's inferred reason for running for the board to shield her daughter's job demonstrates. "Let drugs infest playgrounds to a faretheewell, but keep your hands off my kid, the vice-principal."

Yet all boad members take an oath of office to protect the laws and to serve the community, including hiring capable people in equal-opportunity contests. They don't. So their "we are an equal-employment-0pportunity employer" is Hindenburgian claptrap.

No wonder there is only one Ph.D. in the ROSSAC redoubt. His degree is in computers. I think his name is Stephens. There must have been no relative, hanger-on, or sycophant who could even turn on a computer for the board to have gone to the extreme of hiring a qualified person for a job.

Delusions of grandeur burgeon as dominant side affliction that the board and administration rapidly acquire. What is fair play, concern for students, respect for taxpayers, and a modicum of ethics compared to delusional thinking? The verities of good behavior don't have a prayer in La La Rossacland.



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